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Skylar is the only childe of Vaughn and Sharise. Her parents were together four harvests before deciding not to renew their vows.

Skylar was raised mostly by her mother Sharise, whom Skylar adores. Skylar and Sharise are very close friends.
Sharise had a hard pregnancy and birth, and came close to miscarrying more then once. Both her parents were relieved when Skylar showed up a happy, healthy baby. Skylar is Sharise's only child, she was unable to concieve again after Skylar's birth.
Sharise is a weaver, and excells at making all kinds of fabrics from dressy to durable. She also makes clothes and keeps a small garden, although these aren't her primary income sources.
After the seperation of her parents, Sharise never spoke ill of Vaughn to her child. Skylar heard her crying at night though, and knew her mother was very hurt by his departure. This only furthered her dislike of her often-absent father.
Sharise had always been prone to getting ill easily, and eventually the winters in the forest grew a little to hard for her. About two years ago, Sharise moved into the city of CrossRoads. Skylar comes to visit her once a moon cycle, sometimes more often.

Skylar was never close to her father. Vaughn has an easy going, casual, laid back attitude about him; and makes friends easily. Vaughn's likeable friendly way made sure he never got in too much trouble for being caught a little short of doing a full days work. He was frequently away from home, even when her parents were together. He also often attempted to make up for his absences by bringing her gifts, something she disliked as well. The day he left their family and told Sharise he was not renewing their vows was the day he brought Skylar a baby ferret. Although Skylar came to love her pet ferret dearly, she always considred her father a first-class jerk. For Vaughn's part, he knows Skylar seems uncomfortable around him, but has never been able to understand why.
Skylar has a step-brother Nilo, from Vaughn's short lived affair with Trikkia. Nilo inhereted all his mother's beauty and all his father's charm. Nilo is four years younger then her, and is already chased by many of the tribal girls in the forest. Although Nilo tries to be friendly to her, Skylar is polite but keeps him at the same emotional distance as her father. She sees all too much of her father's dislikable qualities in Nilo.

Personal Life

Sklyar loves animals, and perhaps the animals themselves can sense this about her as most seem to be fond of her as well.
Skylar had a pet ferret when she grew up, Rina. (That her father brought her the baby ferret was one of the few pleasent things she had to say about him). Besides Rina keeping the house free from mice, she has managed to teach Rina to do a few tricks, like opening latches and bringing her small things. It was because of her love for Rina that she developed an interest in healing animals, and eventually people as well. Skylar is good at healing both people and animals, and is one of the tribe's best natural healers. When Rina finally passed on after 12 years of her friendship, Skylar missed her dearly. Skylar has thought about getting another pet ferret, but so far has not gone looking for one.
Although she does not "own" a horse (and who can really own an animal anyway? why, you can no sooner own an animal then you can own a person!), Skylar enjoys horseback riding. She likes the feeling of the freedom of the wind in her hair at a full gallop.

Skylar is good at hunting, and rarely comes home empty handed. Skylar hunts for food with her bolas, and with her stone knives. She is good at using her knives both thrown and in hand. She has a few traps and snares set out as well, which she checks on at least daily when she is out gathering her healing herbs.
Skylar often makes clothes or other items out of the hides she has gathred hunting, after she tans them into leather. She often decorates her cloths with the feathers, fangs & claws of the animals she hunted.
Sklyar is good at cooking food, both meat and plant.

Skylar prefers to make her own weapons. If a weapon is something that someday may come to be an object of life or death importance, she likes to put her faith in ones she has made herself. She would normally only buy a weapon if she recognizes it is of obviously higher quality then she could make herself.
Sklyar is able to fight unarmed, although it was learned more from play with other children then from any purposful training.

Skylar has an average home on the forest floor a bit away from the rest of the tribe, in which she lives most of the three seasons. She keeps her home warm and comfortable, if a bit cluttered. There's always a warm, crackling fire to sit beside and something good to eat cooking when she's home.
In the summer when it's warm enough, she spends much of her time on an open-air platform that she built up in the trees. Skylar loves heights, and as a child was often climbing trees. She enjoyed the view from above and loved to lookout over the valley.She loves to watch the birds, and when the dragons flew overhead she was fascinated by their beauty and graceful power.

Skylar likes other people, although her nervousness around other tribals is more from her feelings of insecurity when compared to her father then from any social shortcomings of her own.
Since meeting the Redcap Jack, Skylar wonders if we are all that different. She finds she is less scared and more curious of other races. Her friendship with Jack has given her some self confidance that she does not show as readily within her own tribe.

Sklyar learned to swim as a child. Although she finds it pleasent on hot days, she doesn't waste overmuch time in the water.

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