The Valley of the Dragons: Current
by Glenn Seiler


The tribes have lived this way for many many years. None are alive that can remember life before the tribes were formed. As time went on, the dragons weren't even sighted. Though none doubted their existence, they became somewhat legendary... until recently.
About six months ago, dragons were sighted once more... in such a way that put terror into the hearts of the valley's tribes. In the middle of a warm, clear day dragons clouded the sky to the extent that they were black. They swarmed overhead for days, and many tribesman believed that the war to end all wars was coming. Once they left, life in the valley changed. Many believed that a militia should be formed and metal weapons and armor should once again be distributed lest the war reach the valley. None, however, could reach a general consensus.
Months later, the dragons re-appeared. Though every bit as fearsome as before, they were somewhat smaller in number and many appeared to be wounded. Once again, a general consensus can't be reached.
Also over the past six months a group of outsiders came to the valley known as the Graalites. They are members of a church who seek to educate the tribes and teach them their ways. Many tribesman have joined their number. It is the first and only organized religion the valley has ever seen, and many doubt their benevolence. Despite this, however, the church continues to grow and doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon.
A group of four heroes emerged from the forest tribe. They rescued what was a four year girl with golden skin named Yala, who spent some time in the Arcadian Woods (domain of the Fair Folk). She reappeared a teenager, the same age as the heroes. She is known by some changelings (humans with the blood of the Fair Folk in them) as the Chosen One. Those heroes have taken Yala to the Lake of the Lost Tribe, and haven't been heard from since.
The winter has just passed, and it is a dangerous time to be in the valley. A militia has formed, the Graalites are growing in number, and the future is uncertain. Another group will form in the forest tribe, as now more than ever the valley need heroes.

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