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Clan Samedi

Sheriff of Chicago

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Wendy is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Large Brick 5 bedroom home in a rather low income, 'I didn't see anything' kind of neighborhood. All her ghouls live with her, as does Joshua. Wendy has seen to it that the outside of the house looks dumpy, but the inside is well constructed, solid and in good repair. The inside is in great shape with new copper plumbing, new wiring and circut breakers, and a fire extinguishing system of sprinklers house wide and halogen in the two main bedrooms and basement. There is also a hot tub in the garage and a fireplace in the living room.
On each side of the bed in Wendy's bedroom is a mirror - one shows the reflection of you burning to death, and the other shows the reflection of your beast. In actuality, Wendy sleeps as ash in the fireplace. (Most hunters don't look there!)

A Black Personal Limo that Mike drives. Typical Transportation.
The house also has a Black van for the mercenaries to get around in, which is well equipped with weapons and explosives.
Contact: Santoya, Mexican cab driver. Adores her because she pays well & tips in twenties.

Aztec styled Cloak of Bullet Resistance (Diablarie Mexico)
15 blood gems of 5th generation Ventrue blood (Diablarie England)
9th Brujah w/ Protean - 4 blood beads
10th City Gangrel w/ Protean - 7 blood beads
Shotgun w/ 4 Dragon's Breath rounds

Anna Pelfrey, leader of the local werewolves
Visiting Samedi: Prince (8th), Colin (9th), Spike (10th), and Jasper (11th)



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