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Wendy is played in the WHITE WOLF: VAMPIRE role playing system.

Wendy's History

Wendy was a HHA (Home Health Aide) working for Hospice who helped patients remain comfortable as they died at home. She had been at her job over 10 years and was good at it, and mostly happy with her work, but felt stuck. She could make no more money without a college degree in nursing, but she could not get financial aid for college and could not afford to quit work or pay for her education herself. She felt trapped in lower middle class hell and was depressed her life would never change. One night while poorly attempting to procure street drugs to end her life, she met the man who would become her sire. She witnessed what she assumed was a drug transfer, and watched one of the men disappear. She walked over to see where he had gone to, and a voice behind her said "Don't turn around, and tell me what you are looking for." They discussed death, and Allen revealed his true unobfuscated self to her. Shocked but not repulsed, she ask him more about who he was. His life sounded so exciting to her. He offered her the drugs she was looking for to end her life, but questioned her about her dreams. In the end, Wendy ask him for the embrace and he granted it to her.

Wendy's sire took her to Chicago, where he trained her in dealing with the Camerilla kindred there. Our ST ran "Under a Blood Red Moon". Wendy saved Lodin twice (!) and we changed the outcome of who lived and died. We were successful in saving Lodin, Drummond and Kevin Jackson, but Balthasar and Jacob Schumpter died. Both Methusalahs are dead as well.

Wendy has two childer. She was granted Right to Progeny by Lodin, but had no particular person in mind to embrace at the time. As "Under a Blood Red Moon" began she became enraged on the werewolves that attacked the Succubus Club. After her group defeated them she embraced one that died immediatly, but her second try lived. Joshua is a Samedi Bone Gnawer Galliard. Joshua was later able to help save Lodin's life and in exchange is allowed to live and remain in the city.
Her second childe is Ebaneezer, a hedge mage (from Sorcerer) who was killed by some IDIOT Inquisition Hunters. Ebaneezer was Wendy's ghoul, and when hunters following Wendy saw them together they assumed Ebaneezer was a vampire too. The hunters staked Ebaneezer and dragged him into the sun, where he died from the damage the stake did to his heart and some embarrassed hunters fled. Upon death his soul went to an enchanted container (a pre cast ritual). We were able to repair his body (with Illusion of the Peaceful Death) but not well enough where he could be a ghoul again - his heart was destroyed. After explaining the situation, Lodin granted Wendy Right to Progeny for Ebaneezer. Wendy embraced him with the blood point she was able to gather from the Toreador methusalah Helena on her demise. Ebaneezer, not manefesting the Samedi Clan flaw, chose to be recognized as a Caitiff. His hedge magic path points transferred into Auspex 8, Obeah 2, and some miscellenous low levels of other disciplines.

All in all, Wendy's a happy vampire.
Chicago is fairly peaceful now. As sheriff, she kills the Sabbat that come into her town, but doesn't go out of her way to hunt them.
Wendy treasures the close friendship she has with her sire above all else. She has been known to get a bit jealous of some of his female business associates, but it hasn't made a problem yet. Allan refers to her as "my most successful childe", and that makes her feel proud.
Ebaneezer has wonderful conversations about the meaning of life, what death really is and other Samedi topics. He's a close friend.
Quite unusual for a Sheriff, but she has a great relationship with the Brujah and Anarchs in town. Tuesday night is her "salon" - where any kindred is welcome to stop by and chat. This has led to a pretty peaceful town, as the Anarchs are finding little to rebel against. Wendy does more to soften the communication between the prince and the anarchs so there is less animosity between the two (and so my job is easier *winks*)
Her only sadness is that she is not closer to her childe Joshua. She deeply regrets embracing him in anger and tries hard to help him live as much of a good unlife as she can. Joshua has a very philosophical "sometimes you step in it" attitude, and if he harbors any anger he hasn't shown it. (OOC note: Josh is just a loner and its nothing personal, but that's hard for a guilty feeling caregiver to accept) Josh gets teased by the few Bone Gnawers he's managed to remain friends with, they call him "Wyrm Bone" because he was "boned by the Wyrm".



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