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Welcome to my AD&D Page of my PC Group! I run a group of 5 PC's called "The Castaways".
We all started as 0 level in the "Treasure Hunt" module N5, where we were captured by slavers and had to escape! The friendships we formed escaping slavery together led us to become an adventuring group, and have carried us to where we are now.
One of our original group has departed - we miss Rae, who had to return home to her people. However, we have come to add friends and lovers to our adventuring group as well.

The Castaways are:

LITA is a NG Half Orc female Fighter 13 from Luskin. Her pride and joy is her intelligent NG vorpal sword "Clever the Righteous". Lita is a great leader of our group and is really into "doing the right thing". Lita's father is Trollslayer, a great Orc Chieftain in the Spine of the World. Lita's mother Mundra owns a merchant company, and has recently moved to Wayhome. She has a older brother who is does the accounting for her mom's company, and she had a younger sister she killed when it was revealed she was a priestess of Bane and had turned on her family, selling Lita into slavery and drugging her mom and brother. Lita has since had ongoing "issues" with Bane ever since then, who keeps crossing her path somehow. Lita is mildly "famous" for killing an Avatar of Bane in UnderMountain. She did not do this alone, and she did have a LOT of help. However, once the tale was told it only got bigger & more bold. She also destroyed Bane's "Indestructable" *cough, cough* Throne at his Temple in Zhentel Keep and stole Fzoul's private treasure (really, that was an accident, she thought it was the temple's treasure - LOL!). Lita was the occasional lover of Sealston, but that relationship has ended and they're just friends. Lita's mother is currently pursuing Sealston with Lita's blessing. Lita is married to Lord Dyllyn Dugall, the (former vampire) warlord of Chelimber that Lita restored to being human after a quest where she risk her life for him. Lita worships Azamier, god of Magic.

ARIA is a NG Drow Elf female Sword Dancer Specialty Priestess of Eilistraee 13 from Menzoberranzan. Her most prized possessions are her Drow Dancing Long Sword and her 9 Lives Stealing Long Sword. Aria has broken off from her original house (Kenafin) and started a new Drow Noble House called "Tlaga'Velve" (House of the Silver Sword) dedicated to her goddess Eilistraee with her husband Tabbot (LG DrowEM W25) and four Drow children she bought as slaves to raise as their noble children. Aria is often seen about town with her children, and tries hard to get people to accept drow as individuals and not on racial stereotypes. Aria's mother is Matron Mother Kyrnill from House Kenafin in Menzoberranzan, and she has several sisters (oh yeah, and some brothers too). She has a pet Azymeth (bat) "Twinkle", named after her former lover Drizzt's sword. Aria is happily married to Tabbot, and they are expecting their first child. ARIA is devoted to the worship of Eilistraee, the good Drow goddess of song and dance and is high priestess of her own temple. She is very protective of the priestesses in her temple.

CHLORIA of House SYMBAERN is a CG Moon Elf female Fighter 13/ Magic User 13 from Evermeet. Her most prized possession is the Crown of Stars, a legacy from her Uncle Ilrune, whose family she was adopted into when we adventured in the Ruins of Myth Drannor. Chlorea has big goals and big dreams! She is married to Tho' Thon, and raising her adopted daughter Verra Leafwalker that she rescued from slavery in Hillsfar. After relocating with her group to found the town of Wayhome, she founded the Symbaern Magic Acadamy, where 24 students are learning magic for her family and teachers. They have also opened up a seperate Wild Magic Division, as we seem to have Faerun's largest, non-moving, non-mythul Wild Magic Zone on our southern borders (teardrop shaped, 15 miles long and almost 5 miles across at widest point). Her parents Fletcher and Iryss and older sister Lyee live in Evermeet. She has a pet Treyssm (cat) "Flitter". Chlorea is happily married to Tho' Thon, and they are expecting their first children to be twin gold elf sons (thanks to a wish). Chlorea worships Corellon (as her husband is a Paladin of Corellon) and Azamier, god of Magic.

JACYNTH is a NG Halfling female Fighter 13 (former Thief 10) from the Korinn Arpeggio on the Moonshae Isles. She always has a ready smile and a plate of food for her friends. Her most prized items are her two Sun blades and a ring of Air Elemental Command, and she loves to fly everywhere. She is a fun loving halfling, always looking for adventure and excitement. She has a particular dislike for undead that has grown since she got her Sun blades. Jacynth's parents Donalk and Evia Boatwright and her 9 brothers and sisters are boat builders. she's been much less homesick since her brother Peder and sister Qendra moved here. Peder manages her tavern, "Half Pint's Inn" and Qendra is the Payroll Clerk for our town. She is the occasional lover of Regis. Jacynth follows Lathander, god of the Sun and is very pious. She also worships Yondolla, the Halfling Goddess.

VERRA LEAFWALKER of House SYMBAERN-THON is a NG moon elf female Fighter 8/ Magic User 8 / Thief 9 we bought at a slave auction in Hillsfar. Her most prized item is her Boots of AC2, a gift from her adopted mom Chlorea. She is from the Elven Woods and has extensive knowledge of the forests. Her birth father Calemond was a human ranger and her mother Nayala a silver elf. When the elves left the Elven Woods to go to Evermeet, Verra's family stayed behind, and like many others (mostly half elves) they were either captured or killed. Verra's parents were killed during the raid from Hillsfar and she has no other relatives she knows of. Unfortunately Verra has a CHA 18 & she was abused/raped by the slavers before being sold. Chlorea has taken her as a daughter to raise. Verra loves both of her adopted parents very much, although she has not forgotten her birth parents either. She loves Unicorns, and privately mourns her lost purity. Verra achieved her goal of vengance on the men who raped her, killing all 3 of them. Since achieving vengance Verra has relaxed and has "put her demons to rest", and moved on with her life. Verra is divorced from Mallagar, and is currently living with Amryyr. Verra was born and raised as a half elf, but recently changed her race to silver elf after questing to obtaining a wish from a Calief Djinn in the Plane of Air. Verra has a pet changecat "Tigra". Verra worships Lurie, the Beast Lord of Unicorns and Azamier, god of Magic.

With us in our travels is:

SEALSTON is a N human male Magic User 13 from Waterdeep. His favorite item is his Spellbooks & Staff of Power. He was an aspiring bard and former fish seller on the docks, who became Chlorea's first apprentice. He does not adventure much, he mostly stays home and makes scrolls and potions now. He has developed several new spells as well. He was the occassional lover of Lita, but that ended & they are now just friends. Sealston is currently being courted by Lita's mother. Sealston worships Azamier, god of Magic "as needed", but is not very pious.

DAVE is a N WereBoar male Shaman 10 (former Fighter 5) from Cormyr. His most prized items are his Shamen equipment. When his whole boar-pack attacked us, he was smart enough to surrender. He became interested in what Rae did as a Shaman and stayed to learn from her. When Rae left to return home, he chose to stay with us permanently. He has a very "druid like" attitude, and loves the forest. Dave and Jacynth are close friends. Dave has no permanent mate save whom he finds at a festhall or in the woods. Dave worships the Animal Spirit of Boar.

THO' THON is a LG Gold Elf male Paladin 10 of Corellon from Evermeet. His most prized possession is his holy symbol. Seeing Chlorea, he approached us on the street as he was lonely for the company of another elf. Chlorea was still fuming over the social stratifications on Evermeet so their friendship had a tough start, but she was always at least civil. He stayed on for awhile and it ended up he was standing a bit to close to a Deck of Many Things when Sealston draw the "gain the service of a 4th level knight" card. Tho' Thon is geased to protect Sealston, who really does not ask him to do anything. It did keep him with our adventuring party long enough for him to get to know Chlorea better. Through some funny and sometimes sad adventures, love bloomed between Tho' Thon & Chlorea. Tho' Thon & Chlorea are now married, and he considers her adopted daughter Verra as his own. He is overjoyed his wife is expecting twin gold elf sons. Privately, he fears he loves his wife more then she loves him, and fears losing her to a ArchNecromancer she seems taken with (OOC: it's totally not true, hers is a professional interest in the wizard - not a personal one. Chlorea loves and adores Tho'Thon.). He is devoted to the worship of Corellon and has built him a temple in Wayhome.

TABBOT is a LG drow male Magic User 25 (former Thief 4). His most prized possession is his Staff of the Magi he recovered from his old house that he destroyed. We bought him as a slave to set free, but he ended up staying with us awhile out of a sense of debt he wished to repay. He was cursed by Lolth to have no drow abilities and to be unable to cast spells, but he was still able to use magic user only items. He helped us with his wise advice and we helped him achieve his goal of destroying his former drow house utterly. Over the course of the year he was with us, he and Aria fell in love. It's an odd relationship - Tabbot is a very domanant male & Aria is a very submissive female, but they bring out the best in each other. During Godsfall, Tabbot worked with Suul and was able to lift Lolth's curse from him, and he once again is able to cast spells. Tabbot and Aria are happily married and have formed a new Drow house together. They have 4 adopted children, and are currently expecting their first child. :) Tabbot worships Eilistraee because of his wife, but is wary of putting his faith in any Divine Power.

Retired Party Members are:

RAE is a True N Minotaur female Fighter 8/ Shaman 10 from the Minotaur Isles (far to the East and South). Her most prized possession is the knowledge she has learned of the world beyond her islands, although her +4 sword is pretty cool too! Rae adventured to grow in skill and power, and finally she felt it was time to return to her homeland and free her people from the Necromancers enslaving them. We were successful, and the Minotaurs were free to live as they chose once again. Rae chose to stay with her people out of her sense of duty to them. Rae is mated to Tygue. Rae worships her ancestor-spirits, and her (deceased) mentor MooLaun is with her always.

TYGUE is a True N Minotaur male Fighter 5 from the Minotaur Isles (far to the East and South). His most prized possession is his Blue Dragonhide Armor. Tygue was a Minotaur from another village that Rae liked. Then one day it happened ... he was summoned by a wizard. Rae worried she would never see him again. While raiding a Necromancer's Tower, we were confronted by a group of monsters with Tygue in the lead. Before much was said Chlorea took them out with a cone of cold. Rae recognized her old crush and had him resurrected in Waterdeep. Tygue and Rae and mated and happy together, and they have forgiven Chlorea. :) Tygue worships his Ancestors.


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