The Castaways: At Home

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Of course, not everyone is an adventuring type. Along our travels we have found several friends, servants & apprentices that stay at home - guarding our home, doing our laundry and keeping the pantry stocked while we go adventuring.
We also buy slaves and set them free, and pay for them to return to their hometown area. However, it's a sad fact of rescuing slaves that many nowhere to return to. They have had their families killed, or their families perished from disease, starvation, or worse. Some of them have chose to stay with us as well.
In our keep, our non adventuring companions are:

Slaves we rescued:

  • OOG is a LG half orc female F3 we bought at a slave auction in Hillsfar. OG is strong (18!), but not very pretty or bright. Her small nomadic tribe was killed and she had no place to go home to, so she stays with us. She is thrilled to have her own room and furniture, and loves to collect things she finds (a real pack rat). She loves to use the Cloak of the Manta Ray we gave her to swim with "her fishies". Oog is the guard for Sealston's tower.
  • TRALIA KOILLE is a LN HF F2 we rescued from the Eye. Lita and Dyllyn are training her to be a better fighter. Tralia is a dayshift castle guard.
  • MAKKUR is a N silver EM M2/F2/ T2. He was thisclose to being sacrificed to Lolth when Aria bought him from House Banere in Menzoberranzan. Makkur is a nightshift castle guard.
  • CELDUR is a N drow EM F1/ T1. He was a slave sold off to pay debts and eventually found his way to Skullport, where we bought him. Celdur is a nightshift castle guard.
  • SALINDE ELOTHIEN is a NG silver EF W1 we rescued from the Eye. She's employed by Chlorea as a housekeeper, and Chlorea is teaching her magic. So far she's learned wizard mark, some cantrips and unseen servant to help clean up around the house.
  • TEEBRIN is a NG silver EM F2 we bought in Skullport from the mind flayer eatery called "The Frontal Lobe". He was extremly grateful and clingy to Verra, who eventually asked him to stay on and offered him a job watching her house in Evereska.

Chlorea's Apprentices:

  • ELMEERA wanted to be a mage, but realized her age (52 as a human) and lower class status (as a prostitute) would probably afford her no chance. Still, she went to the Waterdeep Wizard's Guild and ask to be put on the apprentice list. CHLORIA was revieving the apprentice list and saw potential in her. After convincing Elmeera that she was really a mage and she was not kidding about offering to train her, Elmeera accepted. Chlorea took her as an apprentice and gave her two potions of longevity. ELMEERA, now 31, keeps our house clean and studies magic. She is very practical and motherly, and has come to be the one that people go to talk to about their problems (esp. love problems). She is invaluable as a house mother, and knows more about each of us individually then anyone else. She loves magic, studies constantly, and almost never leaves the house. She's gotten very good and is almost lvl 4.
  • MARNI SOBOR, a former lingere clothing shopkeeper in Skullport, she left to become CHLOREA's apprentice. She watches out for her two younger siblings Allain (age 13 male) and Desile (age 8 female), who also live with us. She frequently helps Jacynth in the kitchen and with the shopping in town. Under Chlorea's teaching she just reached lvl 2.
    [Marni is a NPC in the "Skullport" book]

Aria's Drow House:

Finding Drow who are good or neutral aligned was especially hard, but Aria has found a few and has taken them in for the purpose of starting her own Drow Noble House. All were former slaves she bought and freed.

  • GREYANNA, a LN drow female F2 that is ARIA's nanny.
  • RYNDAL, a LN drow male W3 that is ARIA's masseuse.
  • ALTON, drow male (approx. 21 elf years/ 4 human years old); ARIA's adopted child.
  • TALABRINA, drow female (approx. 7 elf years/ 17 human months old); ARIA's adopted child.
  • GINAFAE, drow female (approx. 3 elf years/ 7 human months old); ARIA's adopted child.
  • GROMPH, drow male (approx. 2 elf years/ 4 human months old); ARIA's adopted child.


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