The Castaways: A Brief History


Starting Out and In Waterdeep

Our group originally met as 0 level characters when we were captured by slavers and had to work together to escape, in 1357 DR. We lived thru the shipwreck and escape and we eventually made it to safety. Though we had quite a diversity of backgrounds and races, we worked well together. We all had personal goals, and we decided to continue working together. Lita's goal was to get home to her family and find out what happened to them, Rae's goal was to find a way to rescue her people from the necromancers enslaving them, Chlorea's goal was to be a powerful wizard, Aria's goal was to find other drow like herself who lived on the surface and worshipped Eiliestraee, and Jacynth's goal was to have fun and be rich. (note: Two game years later, I can honestly say we've all been really successful and met our goals)
Waterdeep was the first place we all built a home together, and will always be remembered fondly by our group. We were often seen about the Waterdeep doing business at Mirt's and Xolob's, in the marketplace buying food, or putting down a brew at the Monster Bar or the Yawning Portal. Several group members can also be found at the respective temples of their Dieties as well.
The Castaways are frequent visitors in UnderMountain, and have made some unusual acquaintances there. Lita befrended a band of orcs, who she eventually hired to adventure with us. Their leader Gronk was quite taken with her, though they are just friends. Lita eventually helped them get plate armor and swords, and got them a job working for her merchant mother in Luskin as caravan guards through orc terratory. They dont see each other as much, but they have remained good friends. Chlorea has befriended Suul, an ancient Netherese Lich, and likes to visit and trades spells with him, much to her husband's dismay. Suell recently achieved his goal of returning to being human, and has come to live with us in Chelimber. Aria once fed a starving village of kobolds, and gave them a +1 magic sword to defend their village from some nasty critters that could only be hit by magic weapons. They adores her whenever we see them again. Jacynth has developed the oddest friendship of all - one with Halaster himself.
It started when we were sharing a meal with another adventuring group who we met in Undermountain, whom spoke ill of Halaster. Lita begged to differ, reminding them that UnderMountain was a huge battlemaze "where commoner and noble alike are equal in the tests of bravery and courage", and that Halaster did "an oft-thankless job that he should be appreciated for, not hated". Aria agreed, saying only Noble Drow could afford to have battle mazes to train in, yet Undermountain was for anyone with courage willing to lay it all on the line for a chance at something better in life. Chlorea said moon elves had no battle mazes, "the forest is our challenge". Yet here in Undermountain was more magic and more challenge then anywhere else she had seen. Rae likened Undermountian to "a test of the Gods", where you can find out what you really can do when you push yourself. Jacynth spoke last, quietly stating her race was not that of fighters or wizards, but she found Undermountain to be a place where anyone, no matter what their race or social standing, could strive to become better by challenging themselves through Halaster's tests. After the other group left, we discussed this more and decided that we too were taking Halaster for granted. Now whenever we adventure in Halaster's "home" and Jacynth cooks meals, she always leaves a plate of food off to the side, around a corner or somewhere just out of site, and we all dedicate it to Halaster, to thank him for allowing us to be challenged in his "home". Jacynth often talks to Halaster as we wander his dungeon, and the scary thing is sometimes he answers her! He's even showed up once in person to talk with her and tell her about an adventure for us.

Over the next year there were many adventures, much treasure and fun, and we made many new friends. (far too much to ever describe here.) The most significant even was Rae attained her goal to free her people from enslavement, and she chose to return home to them. We honor her memory and miss our friend dearly.

Moving to Chelimber

The Castaways found a tapestry in a treasure hoard depecting the King of Chelimber on one of the many boar hunts he was famous for. Dave, the wereboar in our party, became interested in the area. As a gift, Jacynth hired the Sages of Candlekeep to research the local history of Chelimber and write a book on it for him. The former king of Chelimber chose to wage a war against a mage who set up a tower in the area, and it destroyed them both. The area was left as nothing but a big swamp, his former kingdom was ruined. Abandoned for centuries, it became the home of several evil creatures, most notably of giant cyclops and black dragons. Dave became interested in the area, and we decided to investigate it when Chlorea said she wished to see nearby Evereska, home of Elves.
Evereska was beautiful, but Chelimber was not. It was pretty much as described, a yukky swamp of dangerous creatures. The Castaways were not discouraged, and went in to investigate. We spent quite a bit of time exploring the swamp. Eventually we decided that we were "growing out" of Waterdeep and wanted a place of our own. Lita also had a strong dislike of being ruled by "Secret, Masked Lords", and she argued that even in her hometown of Luskin the pirates who ruled were at least open enough to show their faces. We knew wherever we would decide to move to would have some problems and would be a "fixer upper". After much discussion, we decided that we had the means and ability to restore Chelimber and colonize it. It was not a natural swamp, it was only made so by magic. If we could find what caused it to become swampy we could restore the prosperous farmland and great nation that it once was.
Our first objective was removing the black dragons in residence and their giant guards. After we managed to kill the Elder Black Dragon, it left his 5 young dragon childer to quarrel amoung themselves (causing at least 2 deaths). The giant cyclops beings, once no longer charmed by the dragon, fell upon each other and either were killed or went into the Serpant Hills. We were able to secure the services of a Noble Djinn from a government official in Haalrua, who removed all the swamp water home to the elemental plane of water, thus effectivly removing the swamp yet leaving the river. plants native to a swamp couldn't survive in a plains area, and most died off within a month. The swamp creatures were left without food, and either starved or went to the Serpant Hills swamps.
The Castaways have built a walled city in the former land of Chelimber. Through the services of a very skilled engineer and about 430 labormen, and with magical assistance, we were able to raise the city in 4 months. When the city was near completion, we attacked and killed "the Eye", a major slaver in Skullport. 390 of the almost 800 slaves we rescued and freed chose to come and settle in Chelimber. Add to that another few dozen friends, aquaintances and hirelings who came with us and we had a good size town.
We decided to name the town "Wayhome" - because no matter what, in your heart you always know the way home. :)


Our Time of Troubles ended much differently then the "standard" adventure in the FR Godsfall modules. Although many things did stay the same, I'll list the changes here:
Deaths: Mystra was killed by Bane and is gone FOREVER. (no ongoing "guest apperances", dead means dead) Mydnight was killed by Cyric. Myrkul was killed by Dyllyn Dugall in Waterdeep.
Azamier (former headmaster of the school of Arcane Arts & lich from the Myth Drannor boxed set) has come to play a large role in our campaign, with Chlorea being involved in an ongoing teacher / student relationship with him. Godsfall was a large wake-up call for him, and Chlorea and Hornung were able to restore some of his sanity. In the end Azamier made the ultimate sacrifice of his "life" to hold Halaster's overcharged loci together as it was shredding the weave in Waterdeep. Touched by his utter devotion to magic, Ao restored him to "life" and made him the new God of Magic.
Martek (Desert of Desolation series) sacrificed hundreds of his (captured, insane) worshippers in an attempt for power to achieve godhood, and his cruelty and coldness did not go unnoticed. He almost got the tablet away from Hornung and he was the cause of the loci problem that led to Azamier's sacrifice in Waterdeep. Martek desired to become the God of Magic, but seeing his true evil nature Ao gave him the portfolios formerly belonging to Bane, Baahl, and Myrkul.
(This won't have much game effect as Martek is totally nutty and will probably be doing all the same things Cyric would. New name, same old shit.)
Hornung returned a Tablet of Fate to Ao and became the Demipower of Wyld Magic. Three days later the first temple to Hornung and School of Wyld Magic was build outside of Wayhome by Chlorea, near our Wyld Magic zone. We have 5 wyld mages studying there.
Lita returned a Tablet of Fate to Ao and declined Goddess-hood, but wished that ALL restrictions on demi-humans and humanoids be lifted. Now ANY demi human or humanoid race can be ANY class and achieve ANY level with no restrictions or penalties. Chlorea is training Lita's old friend Gronk to be the first Orc Magic User at her magic school. However, the biggest impact of her wish came to drow society, where men are finding they are no longer limited in advancement and no longer "second class" to the priestess of Lolth. (up until now, only the drow elf priestess of Lolth enjoyed unlimited advancement). This has led to a lot of backtalk, defiance and even open rebellion by drow men. Without even knowing it, Lita managed to change drow society forever.
Suul (Lich in Undermountain lvl 2) used Godsfall to restore his humanity, and "retired" to live a quiet peaceful life in Wayhome with his good friend Chlorea. He sometimes lectures at her magic school.

Verra's Growing Up

Chlorea's adopted daughter Verra decided that she was going to be making some changes in her life. She's thinking of retiring from adventuring to a peaceful and quiet life away from humans in Evereska. The family took a ride off to vacation together there, and Verra grew a tree home in Evereska. Currently Teebrin (a silver elf former slave her mom rescued) is there watching over her home while she's gone.
Being in Evereska around full elves for a whole ride brought back many bad memories of her childhood, where she was put down and outcast because she was a half elf. Verra has decided she no longer wishes to be a half-elf, and went on a quest to request a wish from a Calif Djinn to become a full silver elf. Her quest was a success, but she is still coping with the changes in attitude from others now that she is an elf.
Verra then decided to clear out her personal relationships as well. She confronted Tabbot and told him of her love for him, but he didn't feel the same about her. She feels dissapointed, but she also feels more free now, as she isen't wasting anymore time on him romantically.
Mallagar was her first love and her first lover, but she's found that love isen't always enough. She made the tough decision to end their marriage.
Her current consort is Amryyr Yauntyrr, a drow merchant from Skullport who recently relocated here to be with her. They are seen about cooing and snuggling with each other, and seem really happy together.

A Night Below

We are currently going on the "Night Below" campaign, where the goal is to save many slaves and eventually stop the aboleth from making an artifact that extends their powers of domination across Faerun.


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