Halfling Dieties


Yondalla's Holy Symbol

YONDALLA - Greater Power, female, LG
the Mother Goddess, the Blessed One, the Protector and Provider
Attributes: Halflings, Protection, Fertility
Domains: Good, Law, Protection
Symbol: Cornacopia
Typical Worshippers: Halflings
Raiment: Saffron cloak
Preferred Weapon: N/A
Holy Days: Weekly, sacrifice of food

Yondalla (Yon-DAH-lah) is the Protector and Provider of halflings and the chief matriarch of the halfling pantheon. She is responsible for the race's creation and for blessing them with peace, comfort, and plenty. As the Power of protection, Yondalla fends off evil influences and intrusions into the homes and lives of halflings. Yondalla gives her people the strength of character and the determination to defend themselves. Her protection is part of the very souls of her creations, for of all the demihuman races, the halflings have most rarely succumbed to evil. As a provider, Yondalla is a patron of fertility and growing things, of birth and youth, of nature and plants. She can make barren places and creatures fertile and increase the growing rate of plants and animals, almost as she chooses, although she uses such powers sparingly and almost never confers such benefits on other demihumans or humans for fear of giving offense to their patron Powers.

Those who seek to live in accordance with the way of the Provider will be blessed with a cornucopia of riches. Seek peace and comfort, for a life lived with both is true wealth. Although violence should never be welcomed, the Protector's aegis will extend to those willing to fiercely defend their home and community. Lead through example, and know the activities of those you lead so that you can help shoulder their burdens when need be. Treasure your family, for your parents gave you life and your children are your future. Care for the aged and the weak, for you never know when you may be one of the strong laid low.

Clerics of Yondalla are concerned with all spheres of halfling life, save thievery. They protect halfling communities from outside threats. They serve as ever-vigilant sentinels overseeing fields and burrows. Many double as secular leaders of their communities as well as religious authorities. Yondalla's clerics officiate at weddings and funerals, the latter in conjunction with members of Urogalan's clergy.

The primary mission of the clergy of the Provider and the Protector is to pass Yondalla's teachings on to the community at large and to knit such communities tightly together. Areas of instruction include collective and self-defense, concealment, agriculture, brewing, wine-making, gardening, and cooking. Spells granted by the power are used to demonstrate or enhance such activities. Communities are brought together through regular feasts, revels, and celebrations with few spiritual overtones other than a celebration of the collective purpose of the community.

Halflings set aside one day a week (usually Godsday) for worship of Yondalla (this day is called "safeday"), a day which is spent mostly in rest and play.

Sheela Peryroyl's Holy Symbol

SHEELA PERYROYL - Lesser Power, female, N
the Wise, the Green Sister, the Watchful Mother
Attributes: Nature, Agriculture, Weather, Halflings
Domains: Air, Harvest, Plant, Weather
Symbol: Daisy
Typical Worshippers: Halflings, farmers, rustics, halfling druids
Raiment: Bare head, green robes, flowers are usually worn.
Preferred Weapon: Vine ropes or nets
Holy Days: Full moon, & at Harvest and Planting (great celebrations)

Sheela Peryroyl (SHEE-lah PAlR-ree-roil) is the halfling Power of agriculture, nature, and weather. She balances the concern for wild untamed lands and habitats with strong roles as a patron of cultivation, seasons, and especially harvests. She is also concerned with the pleasures of life - feasts, revelry, romance, and the general desire to live with passion. Her followers often wear a small flower in her honor and strive to work in harmony with nature and the earth.

The image of Sheela is often mixed, almost interchangeably, with Yondalla herself. Some hold that Sheela and Yondalla are different aspects of the same Power, but in truth, they are simply closely allied. Sheela is on good terms with the rest of the halfling pantheon, particularly Urogalan in his aspect as Lord in the Earth, as well as other nonhalfling Powers concerned with nature, agriculture, weather, and the balance between them. Sheela strongly opposes those Powers she sees as corruptive distortions of the natural way.

Living in harmony with nature requires a careful balance between the wild and the tame, the feral and the tended. The need to preserve wild growth is just as important as the need to till the fields and provide ready food. Seek to understand the natural processes that envelop and work within them. While nature can be adapted, it should be evolved, never forced; work within the framework of what already exists. Celebrating life requires one to live with passion and romance. Revel, feast, and thrive - this is the zest of life.

Sheela's clerics are concerned with nature and agriculture, and they work closely with halfling farmers and settlers to preserve the balance between cultivation of fertile lands and the need to leave some areas wild and in a pristine state. Many clerics tend gardens of their own, seeking to develop new strains of crops and flowers. Others I protect wilderness regions from careless exploitation of their resources. Members of Sheela's clergy oversee the integrity of halfling lands, leading their inhabitants through the annual calendar of seed-sowing and harvest festivals. They also try to keep the wild creatures from running rampant through settled halfling areas by guiding them to travel, live, or grow around the communities, not in or through them.

Sheela's clerics and druids hold great celebrations at the start of planting (known as The Seeding or New Spring) and at harvest time (The Reaping, High Harvest, and other names). These festivals usually run a week or more, most commonly averaging 10 days. The actual length varies with climate, the needs of the harvest, and the village participating. The festivities begin at sunset each night, and run late into the evening.

Arvoreen's Holy Symbol

ARVOREEN - Lesser Power, male, LG
the Defender
Attributes: Defenders, Sheriffs, Halfings
Domains: Good, Guardian, Law, Protection, War
Symbol: Short sword on shield
Typical Worshippers: Halfling sheriffs, some adventurers, warriors
Raiment: Steel helmet and chain mail
Preferred Weapon: Short sword
Holy Days: Before major battles, sacrifices of silvered weapons

Arvoreen (ARE-voh-reen) the Defender, fiery guardian of the home, is the nearest thing to a halfling war god. He is a Power of stern defense and aggressive watchfulness, who is always preparing for incursions into halfling lands and making ready to repulse hostile creatures at the first sign of trouble. Arvoreen is venerated primarily by halfling fighters, but also by fighter/thieves who prefer the former set of skills over the latter.

Arvoreen has cultivated good relations with most of the good and neutral Powers, particularly of the dwarven, elven, and human pantheons. Of the halfling Powers, Arvoreen is most closely aligned with Yondalla, Cyrrollalee, and Urogalan, although he has strong ties with the entire halfling pantheon. Arvoreen is on especially good terms with Heironeous and the paladins of these two Powers share a common bond. As a large fraction of halflings live in and among human communities, Arvoreen finds that most of the divine threats to his charges are a result of the plots of the evil deities of the halflings' human neighbors.

Keep the community's burrows secure, and always be prepared for threats and attacks. Prepare an active defense, drill continuously, and leave nothing to chance. Put down danger before it even rears its head. Seek out allies, no matter how unorthodox. Those who give aid against a mutual foe are friends to be rewarded and trusted. Stealing from other halflings and allies is never acceptable, but thieving is not necessarily dishonorable, as long as it is employed against enemies to better the odds in combat later.

Arvoreen's clerics are the protectors and defenders of halfling communities. They spend their days  constructing defensive barriers, signaling systems, beacons, and traps, and reviewing defenses already in place. Clerics of the Defender regularly patrol their communities, always investigating the slightest hint of a threat. Many clerics organize the local militia, procure weapons for volunteers, and train every able-bodied halfling in the use of weapons and other defense strategies or at least in how to best seek safety. Many of Arvoreen's Marshals regularly adventure to gain magical weapons and defensive items of all kinds.


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