Vecna, ArchLich & DemiPower
of Power and Dark Magic


Vecna's Holy Symbol

VECNA - Demi Power, male, NE
the Archlich, Master of the Spider Throne, the Whispered One
Attributes: Power, Dark Magic, Evil Secrets
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Undead, Fear
Symbol: left hand clutching a human eye
Typical Worshippers: evil cultists
Preferred Weapon: dagger, quarterstaff
Holy Days: unknown

Vecna (VEK-nah) was a terrifing and evil Sorceror King who gained a foothold on godhood thousands of years ago. Betrayed by his lieutenant Kas, the Whispered One dissappeared from Greyhawk, leaving behind his legend and his two great artifacts, The Eye and Hand of Vecna. He recently became known as a Demi Power after freeing himself from an extraplanar prison now plots the destruction of all other powers so that he may take Greyhawk for himself. He has a great hatred for Iuz and is hated and feared by other Powers. His symbol is a left hand clutching a human eye.

No matter how powerful a being is, there exists a secret that can destroy him. In every heart is a seed of darkness hidden from all others; find that evil seed, and your enemies are undone. Strength and power come if you know and control what others dare not show. Never reveal all that you know, or your enemies will take your seed, too.

Vecna's clerics subvert governments, seduce good folk to evil, and plot the eventual takeover of all. So hated is this cult that these clerics lives are forfeit if they are discovered in any civilized city or town. They are very secretive as a result but can be found anywhere, spreading evil or looking for items that date back to their master's ancient empire. Of particular intrest are Vecna's two artifacts, which once again are lost.


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