Twilight Hunter by April Lee

Twilight Hunter
by April Lee

We are the Scourge of the Underdark
We are the Saviours of our Race
We are the True Rulers by Right
We are the Drow

The Drow, also called Dark Elves, were not always as they are today. They once lived on the surface with the other elves, mostly in the hotter regions of the south. They were called "Lil'Ilythiiri", meaning "Elves of the South". During the Elven Wars Araushnee bade her followers to rise up against her husband Correllon, Creator and God of all Elves. For this Araushnee was banished and became the goddess we now know as Lolth. Her followers were banished as well, and became the elves we now call "drow".
After their descent into the Underdark, they were renamed 'the drow'. The original term was "Dhaerow", an elven word meaning "traitor". It was later shortened to "Drow" by the humans.

From "Drow of the Underdark" FOR2
Drow Apperance a physical description of the Drow race.
Drow Society what it's like to grow up Drow.
Drow Glyphs the symbols of the drow

From the "Menzoberranzan" Boxed Set
City of Menzoberranzan including a map and district information.
Drow Parties everyone has to relax sometime

Drow Deities
Drow Deities

My Original Writings
Drow Economy what they have to trade & what they need.
Drow Relationships on the position of males in the Lolth dominated society


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