Mithral Elves

Mitheral Elf

A New Elven Race by Robin of
Loosly Based on Planer Elf info in Dragon #235


Mithral Elves are a warlike race, not known for the typical quiet elven ways. Although Mithral elves certianly do have patience and a "long term" view of things, they also tend to get distracted by all but matters of import.
Mithral Elves come from a fairly narrow gentic background, and have thrived in harsh living environments. They prefer jungle like environments to arctic conditions, yet are found in all but the farthest north of regions. They are strong and hearty, but not as worldly as other elven races, limiting most of their contact to the races of halflings, dwarves, and man.
In apperance Mithral Elves seem to be most like Toril's silver or moon elves. Their hair is pale blond or white, and has a silvery sheen to it under light, esp. moonlight. Eyes are typically varying shades of blue, occassionally flecked with silver. Rare Mithral Elves have been known to have icy blue hair and violet eyes, which is thought most beautiful. Mithral Elves skintone is a light grey color, which has a silver-blue "shimmer" to it, especially when wet.
Most Mithral Elves are warriors (55%) or thief: scouts (20%), followed by magic users (22%), and a few priests (3%).
Most Mithral Elves are Chaotic Good, with a few straying into Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Good. Rare is the Lawful Mithral Elf.

Mithral Elf Attributes: +1 Con, +1 Str, -2 Wis

Standard Elven Racial Abilities, plus:

As a race, Mithral Elves are hearty, making excellent fighters. They also seem to have an innate understanding of chaos and may use some powers of it. (Elf race = 45 points)
Ambedextrous: two handed fighting with no penalty (5 pts)
Invoke Wyld Surge: on a spellcaster w/in 20' once a day per 5 levels (5 pts)
Chaos Shield: self, once a day per 5 levels (5 pts)
Teleport w/o Error: once a day, after character reaches 7th level (15 pts)
Super Hit Points: +2 hit points per level (15 pts)

Special Mithral Elf Class: ForestRunner

ForestRunners are a customized subclass of rangers, available only to mithral elves. (Ranger package = 60 pts)
Forestrunners use 1d12 for hit points (10 pts)
Empathy with Animals: as ranger (10 pts)
Hide in Shadows: as ranger (5 pts)
Move Silently: as ranger (5 pts)
Polymorph Self: into any natural creature (including giant sized) once per day for every 5 levels (5 pts)
Speak with Animals: Once per day for every 3 levels (10 pts)
Sneak Attack: backstab is at +4 to hit, damage multiplier is as a thief of same level (10 pts)
Tracking: as ranger (5 pts)


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