Holy Water of the
Forgotten Realms Gods

All Holy Water is not created equal ...


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Revised to fit the standards of our gaming group, and be more balanced in play.

So they tell me that Holy Water in your backpack simply isn't as snazzy as it used to be. Sure, it has it's uses, and it makes destroying evil altars a lot easier; but you say it just doesn't pack enough bang for your 25 gold piece donation?
Well, since GodsFall the Gods are stepping up their efforts to get new worshippers. I've heard that the holy waters of different faiths can have some interesting side effects ...


Human Gods

The Faerunian Gods major powers

The Faerunian Gods minor powers

Elemental Lords

The Dead Gods

The Chult Gods

The Mulhorand & Unther Gods


DemiHuman Gods

The Drow Gods

The Elven Gods: The Seladrine

The Dwarven Gods: The Morndinsamman

The Halfling Gods: Yondalla's Children

The Gnomish Gods: The Lords of the Golden Hills


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