The Many Types of PC's


Look-Before-You-Leap: Jumps into a battle or off a bridge without worrying about whether he will live or die. Doesn't want to be bothered with discretion, or the worry of losing a character.

Nihilist: Has a nose for trouble and doesn't worry about whose boots he is peeing on. A night in the tavern is a waste of time if a huge fight doesn't break out.

XP Hound: Keeps meticulous track of anything he has done that might warrant and XP award. Never misses his 20% bonus to XP for having a high enough prime stat, nor does he miss even 100 points for a first level light spell when the group rests in a dark cave (even when he's above the 10th level).

Pansy: Hangs out at the back of the group, always waits for others to open doors or read scrolls. Always has an excuse as to why he shouldn't take risks.

Little Purple Pansies: shoves on a ring of invisibility everytime someone coughs.

DM's Girlfriend: Always gets the perks that a wise DM will award out of a desire to have a successful relationship. Expects and gets away with many privileges that normal PC's wouldn't.

Backstabbing Look-Out-For-Number-One Guy: The kind you have to count your gold every night around. Not above pilfering another PC's moneybag, or quickly try to claim a magic bounty when the group comes upon one. Always keeps a very close eye on his own gold because he thinks other players play the same way.

Roller: No decision, no matter how mundane, can be made without consulting the roll of a die.

Paranoid II: Needs to go to a far corner to insure that no one looks at his die roll/character sheet, etc.

Complainer: Fairly self-explanatory. A DM's nightmare.

Paranoid: has already figured out who the badguys really are and walks around looking behind him so the thief doesn't get a backstab attack.

Trust Everyone: Opposite of Fox Mulder, believes the DM really wants the players to be successful and drinks every potion, tries every magic sword just knowing that the DM wouldn't stoop to make that magic belt a girdle of masculinity/femininity.

I Can Do Everything in One Round: plans each round of action meticulously so he can swing a weapon, cast a spell, and heal an injured party member while negotiating the enemies surrender. And all this before initiative is even rolled.


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