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Welcome to my AD&D Role-Playing Games page. I play in a 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign, and I love it! I run a group of 5 PC's called "The Castaways". We all started as 0 level in the "Treasure Hunt" module N5, where we were captured by slavers and had to escape! It's now 1358 DR - the Time of Troubles has ended and we are going on the "Night Below" campaign. The PC's came from many different parts of Faerun. Our first group base was in Waterdeep, where we lived for a little over a year. We relocated and begun to colonize Chelimber. We've built the city of Wayhome, and have a town population of close to 500 now.



My Forgotten Realms World

The Castaways: Adventuring Group

The Castaways: At Home

The Castaways: A Brief History

Chelimber Nobility who's who in our city

Chelimber Nobility Birthdays a list of the birthdays of the Country's Nobles

Treasure Chest

General Forgotten Realms Info

Realms Calander Month and Day Equivalents

Wisdom of the Realms famous quotes from around the Realms

Forgotten Realms Map: Sword Coast

Forgotten Realms Map: West Coast

New Magic Item: Lover's Ribbons

New Magic Item: Tiamat's Bows

Stome Fountian

Forgotten Realms Dieties

Drow Dieties

Dwarven Dieties details Moradin, Berronar Truesilver, and Dumathoin

Elven Dieties

Halfling Dieties details Yondolla, Sheela Peryroyl, and Arvoreen

Human Dieties and specialty priests

Vecna OK, Vecna's not Forgotten Realms. But he's so friggin' cool I just had to bring him there!

Special Holy Water details the special effects of each Forgotten Realms God's holy water.

Gold Elf

Elven Races

Common Elven Races of the Forgotten Realms

Drow more indepth racial details, including original writings

Rockseer Elves from the "Night Below" campaign

Snow Elves as printed in Dragon #155

Snow Elves my personal revisions and details of this race for my world

Mithral Elves my own race of planar elves

Complete NetBook of Half Elves although I don't agree with everything in here, it's got some good material

Elven Forest

Elven Society

Evereska mainland elven nation

History of the Elven Gods

The Secret of the Elven Retreat why elves are *really* going to Evermeet.

Elven Reverie an exerpt from the "Complete Book of Elves"

Golden Chalice

Fantasy Gaming Humor

101 Inns You Should Probably Stay Away From

101 Witty Paladin Sayings

Spells Not Worth Memorizing

The Many Types Of DM's

The Many Types Of PC's

More Fantasy RPG Links - other cool places I like  

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DISCLAIMER: I worship at the alter of TSR for giving us all such an amazing gaming system (AD&D 2nd Edition) and world (Forgotten Realms) which I have spent most of my adult non working life exploring and enjoying.
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