Lover's Ribbons

Created by Verra Symbaern-Thon
Verra is played by Robin of


These ribbons were originally designed and made by my character Verra Symbaern-Thon to share with her lover when they were often apart.

Lover's Ribbons are a matched set of 2 shimmering golden ribbons with a delicately woven moon pattern. The ribbons are about 12 inches long, and designed to be worn braided into your hair. These ribbons are made in pairs and will only work with the other ribbon they are in a matched set with. These ribbons will only work for Elves (including Drow) and Half Elves.

Their Powers are:

  • The ribbon wearer will know the location of the other linked ribbon, regardless of other magics which may attempt to conceal its presence.
  • The ribbon wearer is able to judge the health status of the linked ribbon wearer - illness, disease, poison and death can be "felt" through the ribbon.
  • If the linked ribbon wearer ever is deeply fearful (meaning a bad scare or a life or death situation; not a bad dream), the ribbon wearer will feel a chill down her spine.
  • If the linked ribbon wearer is ever at 20% or less of normal hit points, the ribbon wearer will feel the pain (but take no damage) that the linked ribbon wearer endured.
    Example: the linked ribbon wearer took significant damage from a fireball - the ribbon wearer would feel a momentary searing heat (that caused her no damage but felt uncomfortable).
  • A limited form of telepathy between ribbon wearers, once per day for 15 minutes, as long as they are on the same plane.

Suggested Item Components: Golden Omnivorx thread (for ribbons)


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