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"Ah, ye want to be an adventurer do ye lad? Aye, I'm sure ye've heard tales of magnificent riches and glory to be had. Have ye heard the tales of sleeping in the mud, days of riding, vicious monsters, road bandits, and gaping painful wounds. Of course, ye haven't heard those! If everyone heard tell of those stories there'd be a hell of a lot less adventurers."

From: Words of a wise old adventurer
by: Lezardan of Cormyr

I heard tell of one of my kind named Drizzt Do'Urden. He is why I came to this place known as the Surface. He is why I entered into a human settlement. He is why I will hang tomorrow.

The last scrawlings of Hcorgar La'rient

They call me a murderer because I kill people - Fine!
But why do they call paladins, who also kill people, heroes and holymen?

From: Journal
by: Laryn Zzallar, baroness of Teshwave

Soldiers fight, thieves steal, bards sing, wizards cast, sages think, assassins kill. Good or Evil we all have a job to do.
So tell me this ... What the hell are nobles and merchants for?

From: Thoughts of an Old Sage
by: An Old Sage (anonymous)

I have lived many millennia and I have not seen anything more devastating than time.

From: Observations of a Dead Man
by: Zulkir Zass Tam

You can almost always tell how a dwarf or an elf might react. Hell, you can even tell with goblins. But, Talos' teeth! With humans you can never tell what they might do!

From: Letters to Adbar
by: Blake Stonebrow, minister of Citadel Adbar

How do humans get anything done in such short lives? They are able to wage war, destroy everything, repair it, and multiply like rabbits. Such strange beings they are!

From: Musings of an Elven Prince
by: Gerard Depardew

There is a place worse than the Nine Hells. There is a more horrible place than staring down three beholders armed with only with a dagger. That place is called Luiren, land of the halflings

From: My many travels
by: Garan Farmapp, a Stalwart adventurer

Have you ever asked a halfling a question only to be answered with one? Welcome to the Question Game!

From: Understanding Halfiings
by: Leslye Burrfoot

I am lost. Humans scorn me. They throw rocks at me and chase me away. Even my own fellows disdain me and attack me on sight. I am an outcast. I am lost.

From: An Outcasts Life
by: Grunwald Blackjaw, reformed hobgoblin

"Death comes for us all. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go down without kicking, biting, scratching, and fighting."

The words of Shelindra before she escaped from the gallows

Does anyone know how to shut a halfling up without cutting out his tongue? No? I didn't think so.

From: On the Races of Faerun
by: Derik Longarm

I knew a man who once whispered ill tidings towards our Lord Manshoon. He's dead now.

From: The journal of a Zhent soldier
by: Unknown author

A cautious adventurer is a dead adventurer.

From: Treatise on Adventuring
by: Heladin Stoneforge

"You obey your king because he is your god!"

said by: Gilgeam, god-king of Unther

I met a young apprentice one year by the name of Danilo Thann at a party. He was very drunk and entertaining a gaggle of young ladies using his meager skills of magic. Unfortunately, the dandy cast one of his spells shortly after the gods were cast down from the heavens and magic was made unpredictable. Now, my head resembles that of a fiend from the lowest pit of Hell, complete with horns and razor sharp teeth.

From: Words of a Butler
by: Uther, chief butler of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers

Magic: a dangerous and unpredictable force. Called Art by those who serve it. Called Power by there who try to bend it to their will.

From: On the Art
by: the Magister

Ware Beshaba's gaze - for it is horrible
Seek Tymora's smile - for it is blissful
Avoid Cyric's name - for it means death

From: Wise Words of an Old Swordswinger
by: Bergastion Dirkwood

Silvanus must truly hate mankind. Why else would he create such nuisances as nymphs, pixies, sprites, brownies, and other woodland fairies?

From: Lost in Thought
by: Kayla Brightbow

Wizards are a cowardly lot. Hiding behind warriors and in shadows waiting to catch you by surprise. But, you have to respect someone who could fry you where you stand.

From: Opinions of an Old Sword
by: Syth Blueblade

I have heard the saying, "Seek and ye shall find." Whoever said that was a liar.

From: My hopeless Life
by: Shurin Stienil, self-admitted pick-pocket

"Ever look into the eye of a dragon? Nay, of course you haven't. You're still breathin"'

From: The lost art of Sarcasm
by: Finnedaerus the Mage

Saughin, Sea Trolls, Sharks, Giant Squid. All Umberlee's children. No wonder they call her the Bitch Queen.

From: Lost in thought
by: Kayla Brightbow

Ever ask a halfling to watch over your stuff while you visit the privy? Was it there when you returned?

From: Anecdotes of an Aging Priest
by: Friar Kalien of Torm


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