Talons of Tiamat

A great concept idea and detail
by Citadelraven.com


The Talons of Tiamat are five unique composite bows that were made from the parts of dragons. Despite their apparently malevolant origins, these bows are not inherently evil. In fact, most evil dragons are enraged to learn that parts of their anatomy were used to make these weapons. Each bow is made of a combination of bone, scale and wing membrane taken from an ancient dragon. They are all considered to be +2 bows. The bows were made long ago and only recently rediscovered by The Cult of the Dragon. The entire collection of bows was given the name, Talons of Tiamat, in reference to the cults diety. Each individual bow is named after the dragon from which it was originally taken. Shortly after their discovery, the bows were lost during transportation across the Anauroch desert. They have only recently reemerged again; this time distributed all over Faerun.

Cynder - Cynder is the only bow still in the possesion of The Cult of the Dragon. It is a composite longbow made from a red dragon. It is made from the great reds monstrous fangs and is wrapped in the sinewy skin of its wings. It was designed for an extremely strong man and can only be drawn by a person with 18/00 strength. It is completely immune to fire and grants a +4 to saves to anyone holding the bow. In addition, the bow can generate a bolt of fire 3 times per day that inflicts 3d4 damage.

Frost - Frost is a composite shortbow made from a white dragon. It is one of the more ornately carved of all of the bows and has a glistening, almost irredescent appearance from the scales which cover its surface. It is also designed to advantage of exceptionally strong archers. Anyone attempting to wield Frost must have a strength of 18/51 or greater. Any one wielding Frost gains a +6 to save versus all cold based attacks. In addition, once per day, Frost can shoot an arrow of immense cold that inflicts 3d8 points of damage and will instantly freeze all water in a 30' radius.

Bloodbane - Bloodbane is a composite longbow made from the remains of an ancient green dragon. Of the two longbows, this is the more ornate; its green tones are highlighted with inlaid gold. The bow grants a +2 to saves vs. all noxious fumes. In addition, it grants the user a chameleon-like power that allows him to blend in completely with the environment. This power only functions in natural surroundings and grants a +4 armor class bonus. Like the other bows, this bow can also imbue one arrow per day with a deadly poison that inflicts an additional 2d8 damage (saving throw for half) to the victim.

Skie - Skie is a composite shortbow made from the remains of an ancient blue dragon. It is the most powerful of the shortbows. It is deep blue in color, being wrapped in skin from the dragons wings. The bow grants a +4 to saves vs. all electrical based attacks and the wielder suffers no damage on a successful save. Three times per day, the bow can generate of bolt of lighting that can be shot forth for 3d6 damage. In addition to these powers, all arrows shot from the bow recieve an electrical charge and inflict and additional point of damage.

Khirsanth - Khirsanth is a composite shortbow made from the remains of an ancient black dragon. It has a lustrous black sheen and is almost as striking as Frost. Like Frost, anyone attempting to use this bow must have a strength of 18/51 or greater. The weapon is completely immune to breakage and grants is user a +2 to saves versus acid attacks. Once per day, the bow can generate a arrow of acid that inflicts 3d6 in the intial round. This damage continues for the next two rounds decreasing by a die each round.


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