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Hello, and Welcome to my WoD page! Here you'll find my various musings on White Wolf's gaming setting for the World Of Darkness, and also some mirrors of pages elsewhere when I thought the information was especially valuable or interesting.


Vampire Camarilla Clans


Sect & Clan Lores what various levels of clan and sect lores would represent to a character as practical knowledge

Basic Blood Abilities an optional system of low level abilities that are gained while learning non clan specific disciplines.

Path of Enlightenment Story Ideas suggested plot lines for storytellers

Tremere Movie if WW was going to make a movie about Clan Tremere, who would play the various characters?

It's a Vampiric Valentine's Day

Clan Gangrel a letter written to Gangrel neonates by Gitane, a retired LARP character of mine.


mage symbols


Cult of Ecstacy Tradition Page, with paradigm, spehere outlooks, and rotes.

Daily Weirdness in the Lives of Mages thoughts on subconscious magic

Those Magical Cats because everyone knows cats are magickal


golden ankh


My Jyhad / VTES Page all about my favorite card game



World of Darkness Fonts my WoD font collection, in both Mac and PC versions

World of Darkness Humor Pages some collected ramblings that made me laugh ...

More White Wolf Links to other fansites around the net



Current Vampire Game:
Our characters began in the Giovanni Chronicles: The Last Supper adventure. Here we got embraced and caught up into the plans of an insane Antidiluvian. Because our ST allowed our characters free will, we also significantly change WoD canon history. We had a really wonderful time in the game.
Because so much had changed in our game from canon, we decided not to "skip ahead thru time" as is suggested and play the GC2 adventure. Insted we kept playing our character's adventures out in: Renaissance VtM.

My WW Characters Page some of my favorite vampire, two-skin, and mage characters that dwell in the World of Darkness

A One Shot Sabbat Game that my hunny ran for some friends from work. Quite funny the way it worked out ...

House Rules, House Histories how our game is different from Canon White Wolf


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