VtES custom card of Brittany, Tremere Elder

Pontifix Brittany
Tremere Elder

bar of dripping blood

Here's my web page for Jyhad/ VTES - IMHO the best CCG around, or
Why I'm selling all my Magic cards to support my VTES habit ...

  1. Main Reason - you don't need a lot of $$ to build a good deck. Playing Magic, you'll quickly see that a good deck made up with rare cards will almost always beat a good deck made up of uncommon and common cards. Not so in Jyhad! The base cards are common, the hot/cool cards are uncommon, and the rare cards are not usually game unbalancing, but are usually odd.
  2. Boredom. Lag. Call it what you will. By a single card draw round, Magic has the "down time" where you wait for a good draw to get something useful/ playable into your hand. Jyhad remains interesting by keeping your hand size to seven. The best way to get more cards is to use the ones you have already.
  3. Magic encourages conservative play, aka "card hoarding". Since you only draw one card a round, playing three or four cards a round leaves your hand depleated and leaves you open to attacks and spells. Not so in Jyhad. The game is kept interesting and at a faster pace because you replace what you play, and your hand size is always 7 cards. This alone does a lot to keep the game interesting and faster paced.
  4. In Magic once a player gets ahead & has the advantage, it's very unlikely anyone will come back from it to win the game. In Jyhad, it's not over until it's over.

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