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Those Magical Cats
Written by: cd skogsberg - cd@alfakonsult.se
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"[T]he cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see."
-H.P. Lovecraft

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As all* know, cats are strange. They see the Umbrae - it's said that cats can see Death - and sometimes they travel there. But *why* do cats hang around humanity (Awakened or otherwise)?
It has been observed that a large part of the Awakened attract cats, not only Traditionalists (witness typical wizard/witch, for example), but also Technomancers (Blofeld from the James Bond movies, a NWO/$yndicate person if I ever saw one), Orphans, and even Nephandi (the bad witch, etc.) and Marauders.
I therefore postulate** that the cats are a species of Deep Umbral beings, hailing from a different Tellurian, who hang around Mages for their Quintessence and/or Paradox - slowly siphoning it away, or maybe just adding strange resonances.
Cats also hang out on the Moon's dark side, and might have some connection to the Celestine Luna - they oppose the peculiar cats from Saturn, somehow related to the Outsider Nephandi-Lord Tsathoggua.

Cats, typical (with thanks to Anders and the Electronic Cats who inspired me...)
Str 1, Dex (graceful) 4, Sta 1
Cha 3, Man 3, App (feline) 4
Per 3, Int 2, Wit 3
Alertness (observant) 4, Athletics 3, Awareness 4, Dodge 3, Stealth (hide) 5
Older cats may also have a number of Lores and Cosmology. If a Mage learns the language of cats, they can be skilled Mentors.
Cats have claws that do one die of damage; they are not especially powerful fighters and will try to flee from attackers or hide. If pressed they will vanish completely. Sometimes, a *flood* of cats overwhelm a single target. This is *very* rare.
Willpower: 3, Arete: 4, Arcane: 0-4 (this varies with wheter the cat *wants* to be found or not)
Powers: Vanish away (Corr 3 Spirit 3) If unobserved, the cat can appear somewhere else, or move into the Umbra.

Cute (Mind 2) The cat can look cute and irresistibly cuddly, or beautiful and dignified. Each success will increase the difficulty of harming or interfering with the cat one step the first time someone attempts it.
Acrobatics (Corr 4) The cat's amazing feats of acrobatics can be coincidental feats of Correspondence - leaping about, bouncing from all availiabe surfaces, and so on.
Finder's Keeper (Corr 2, Prime 1, Spirit 1) The cat can find an Awakened with supernatural ease, and has a tendency to appear on the doorstep, or *inside the apartment*. They also *stay* with that person (Corr 4), even if they can stoop to kicking the poor thing out (Mind 2)...

*All right-thinking persons, anyway.
** Not Postulant. Not yet. We'll see where I'll get my higher education...


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