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Or, How our game is different from Canon White Wolf

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This won't be just another page of "House Rules", clarifying combat round actions and saying what clans are allowable to play. This page is more of a background for our game, and how our game world has come to differ from canon White Wolf.
Sometimes these differences are an intential Storyteller plot line; sometimes it was because we had to fill in information where there was none published at the time, then later after we had established a reality in our world WW published something to contradict that; and sometimes it was just plain disagreement with the stuff WW put out.
Remember, we use Vampire 2nd edition rules as a base; but have allowed some Revised/3rd edition changes. (such as allowing two varients of a discipline: 2nd & Revised Quietus, 2nd & Revised Obtenebration, 2nd & Revised Mythericia, etc.)
Pay special attention to the notes in blue, as these represent significant changes from published WW canon.

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Caine, His Children, and the Antidiluvians

THE CLANS: We find in the Book of Nod (p.53) a one word description characterizing the 13 original clans: Kingship (Ventrue), Beast (Gangrel), Moon (Malkav), Rose (Toreador), Night (Lasombra), Snake (Set), Death (Cappodocians), Healers (Salubri), Learned (Brujah), Wanderer (Ravnos), Hunter (Nosferatu), Hidden (Assamites) and Shapers (Tzimisce).
For simplicity's sake I am going with the standard here. Caine embraced 7 children, who are known as the second generation. Thay are Enoch, Irad, Zilliah, The King and Queen of Nod, Dracian, and Eimlich. They embraced 13 childer, who are known as antidiluvians. (Eimlich never embraced anyone)
There are no other missing or lost childer along the way. Deal with it.

Children of Dracian
Daena/Zapathasura/Churka/Dracian of Clan Ravnos, killed in India (alternatly said to be a chillde of Zillah)

Children of The King and Queen of Nod
Haqim/ Assam of Clan Assamite (alternatly said to be a chillde of Enoch or Irad)

Children of Enoch the First Ruler, known to be great visionaries and seers
Ashur of Clan Cappadocian, diablarized by Augustus Giovanni (non canon: diablarized by Wendy of Clan Samedi)
Malkav of Clan Malkavian (twin to Arikel)
Salout of Clan Salubri, diablarized by Tremere

Children of Irad the Strong, known to be great warriors and leaders
Brujah of Clan Brujah, diablarized by his childe Troile
Ennoia of Clan Gangrel
Lasombra/Typhon of Clan Lasombra, betrayed by his childe Gratiano and diablarized and became the Hulul - a Assamite who is ritually diablarized every 100 years (PGS)
Ventrue of Clan Ventrue

Children of Zilliah the Beautiful, known for their beauty
Ariekel/ Ishtar of Clan Toreador (twin to Malkav)
Absimmalard of Clan Nosferatu (non canon: killed and ritual of the bitter rose performed, Baba Yaga is now the Antidiluvian of the Nosferatu clan, although this is not widely known)
Sutekh/ Set of Clan Setite (non canon: see 1998 below for special circumstances of Set)
Tzimisce of Clan Tzimisce, faked his diablerie, currently a big oozy blob under Long Island, NY, USA

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What About the Bloodlines?

Again, We define a "Clan" as having a 3rd generation founder/elder who still exists. Having a clan founder who is in torpor or a diablorist is acceptable.
Founders are further seperated by the time when they became third gen (not teh time of their embrace, and there are some 3rd gen diablorists). They are called Antidiluvian (became 3rd pre-flood) and Postdiluvian (became 3rd post-flood).

Brujah have an antidiluvian and are a clan, while the True Brujah have become a bloodline.
Cappadocians were destroyed by the Giovanni diablorizing Ashur. Samedi were assumed to be Cappadocians who did not respond to Ashur's call to the "Feast of Folly", where Ashur murdered the "unworthy" of his clan. Thus the Samedi were both left changed, and were untouched by the Giovanni's purge of the Cappadocians. Nagaraja are attributed to this clan as well (although assumed to be embraced Euthanotos mages). Lamia and Harbingers of Skulls were a bloodline as well, but it was more of a philosophy difference. Giovanni believed they destroyed all the Lamia, but some escaped into the underworld and became the Harbingers of Skulls.
Gangrel spawned the Labon (African), Lhiannon (European), Mariner (Ocean dwelling), Greek Gangrel (Babaloyn) and Anda (Mongolian, almost exclusivly male bloodline). You might consider the Ahrimanes as well, but since they are all sterile and cannot embrace (only recruit) I don't consider them a "real" bloodline.
Lasombra created the Kiasyd bloodline.
Malkavian antitribu and Toreador antitribu spawned the Daughters of Cacophany bloodline in a mixed blood embrace. Recently, the Daughters of Cacophany murdered all males in their bloodline, who sometimes referred to themselves as the "Sons of Discord".
Salubri spawned the Baali bloodline.
Tremere have worked hard to extinguish their ties to the Tzimisce and Salubri, actively purging Vicissitude and Obeah from within the clan. The Tremere became a clan with the diablerie of Salout.
Tzimisce got chopped up for parts and became parts of the Gargoyles and Blood Brothers bloodlines. Old Clan Tzimisce is also considered a bloodline now, much in a similar was as the True Brujah.

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Recent Timeline Changes

1994 - Known to Chicago, USA residents
Lodin survives a time of upheaval in his city known as "Under a Blood Red Moon" and remains Prince. This is due largely to the actions of the two new Samedi in town, Allen and Wendy. Lodin is in debt to Allen and Wendy for saving him.
Balthazar, Maxwell, and Maldavis were also killed during the fighting.
Lodin makes a non-agression pact made with the remaining werewolves in the city. Chicago begins to stabalize.

1995 - Known to Chicago, USA residents
Chicago becomes increasingly unfriendly to Clan Gangrel. Many kindred are angry at their "neutrality" in the recent upheavals. The Prince held a meeting of all kindred in his city, where he reassigned feeding terratories and granted Right to Progeny to those who had done much to defend his city. The Gangrel found themselves on the short end of the stick, and lost much influence and feeding grounds.
Inyanga and her "Wolf Pack" left town. Doyle was killed in the war. The only remaining Gangrel in town is Rosa, who fought bravely and is still welcome in Chicago.
Wendy of Clan Samedi was given the position of Sheriff.

1995 - Known to high ranking Camarilla members and select Gangrel
Gitane St. Claire claims the Red Alostar trophy, as Valorius Maior was brought before the Inner Circle of the Camarilla. Gitane gives a moving speech as to how the crimes commited were really those of the demon possessing Val at the time, and not actions of his own free will. In the end the council ruled that the demon was responsable, and had been destroyed. Gitane was awarded trophy and the rank of Red Alostar. Val was allowed to be released, and chose to stay with Gitane rather then return to the Tremere. They left her hometown of Buffalo, NY and went wandering, not to be heard from outside clan Gangrel.

1995 - Known to some Chicago, USA residents (mostly Critias and Lodin)
Menele was quietly killed.

1996 - Well Known in the Camarilla
In an impressive set up by Allen, a meeting of all kindred was called by Lodin, to be held in a room which temporaraly negated all control held over those within. Freed of the blood bond at last, Electra killed her sire Helena; with notable assists from Tyler and Critias. Electra left Chicago to return to her home in South America.

1996 - Well Known
The Brujah Elder Tyler comes before Prince Lodin to confess that she is the same Tyler who diablorized Hardestadt and started the Sabbat. There was much fevored debate, including Critias wishing to cut her head off right then and there and Wendy arguing for Tyler's acceptance. Lodin's judgement was that Tyler was free to remain in town and was accepted as a member of the Camarilla, BUT she had to step down as Clan elder and no longer was considered to have a voting seat on the primogen council. Tyler happily agreed.
The Sabbat now held no blackmail over Tyler anymore.

1996 - Secret
Tyler (Brujah) and Wendy (Samedi) become 'blood sisters' (a blood pact made between best friends).

1998 - Unknown outside Clan Nosferatu and Allen's "Attack Pack"
Absimmalard was killed and the Ritual of the Bitter Rose performed on him. Allen has two unused bitter rose vials, and Gitane St Claire of Clan Gangrel has an unused bitter rose vial.
The new third generation "post-diluvians" are:

1998 - Well Known
All Giovanni everywhere on the planet just up and dissappeared. No one knows where they went or what happened to them. In the coming weeks, Giovanni business interests will be quickly taken over by Ventrue, Setites, and Samedi.
The Samedi are suspected, but are remarkably tight lipped about the whole thing. Baron Samedi has not been seen for months, and the most visable Samedi leader is Allen Green, a businessman who trades boons and favors. Known to be Path of Honorable Accord 10 and have an amazing array of contacts, he is a very fair person to deal with. If he can't subcontract the job for you, he almost assuradly knows someone who can help you and will introduce you for a modest fee.
1998 - Unknown unless of Clan Samedi
The Samedi murders all the Giovanni, with the help of some true mage (masters and adepts of correspondance and spirit) working for Allen. Clan Samedi quietly replaces the Giovanni as kindred necromancers. The leader of Clan Samedi is Allen Green, who defeated and killed the Baron in single ritual combat for leadership of the clan earlier in the year. The actual diabolist of Augustus Giovanni is Wendy, Allen's childe.

1998 - Unknown unless a True Black Hand member
Gehenna "officially" starts with the fall of Enoch and the detonation of a ghost of a nuclear bomb, setting off a Maelstrom of intensity never before seen in the Shadowlands.

1998 - Unknown except for Clan Najaraja and a few elder Samedi
Charon resolves his fetters and ascends. The Wraith Heirarchy is shattered.

1998 - Unknown unless a highly ranked Setite (Clan Lore 6)
Set realizes his vampiric form is too limiting, even as an Antidiluvian. Set feels there is just too much at stake in the coming Gehenna. He choses an heir from his clan, his favored childe and second in command Nakhthorheb, gifts him with his powers and allows himself to be diablorized. Set does not die however, but he becomes the spirit-totem of The Jackel.

1999, July - Unknown save to Allen Green, 3 Uktena and the Wyld
Upon his "death", the Ravnos Antediluvian was bound (as in: weapon of kindred soul) into a wyldstone, which is a part of the "Crescent Moon Wand" created and held by a Black Fury in a small southern Vermont caern. The Fury knows nothing of the unique, additional powers of her wand, save that the Wyld spoke to her and bid her to loan the Wyldstone to the Uktena, who would perform a rite then return it, and she was then to remake the wand as directed by the Wyld.

1999 - Unknown except to Demons, Infernalists, a few Sabbat Inquisitors, and those with 7+ True Faith or 7+ Dark Faith
The ruler of Hell is an office, much like being the President. The 3rd Incarnation of All That is Evil resigns his rule over hell, and in his place the new ruler is Jadrax, Demon Lord of Information.

2000, New Years - Unknown except to a few Demons, Infernalists and those with 7+ True Faith or 7+ Dark Faith
God abandons Earth. Heaven is left empty, and accepting no new souls. Anyone who dies now either goes to Limbo, Purgatory, or Hell.

2001 - Well Known
All the Tremere Antitribu are found dead, killed in Mexico City. Shortly afterward, it's announced that Goratrix has returned from his 500+ year assignment in the Sabbat, bringing much information with him that's being dispursed through the Camarilla to strike against the Sabbat with.
2001 - Known to Camarilla members
Tremere is up and out of torpor
2001 - Known within Clan Tremere
Goratrix defeated Elaine de Calinot in a certaman duel, and Tremere has appointed him Councilor of Africa.
Tremere is forming a special group of Inquisitors, modelled after the Sabbat Inquisition, to check the clan over of loyalty and adherence ot the Oath of the Tremere. These inquisitors will travel to every chantry in the world and check every Tremere.
2001 - Unknown except to Tremere, the Circle of Seven, Pontifix Brittany, and Allen's Attack Pack
After several battles with the Salout/ Vicissitude creature in his body, Tremere fled his body and went to his loyal servant Goratrix. Goratrix's soul was trapped in a mirror while Tremere took over his body. As Goratrix, Tremere called together all the Tremere antitribu. He intended to use their combined power to retake his body and cast out the Salout/ Vicissitude from his body. He was unsuccessful. Tremere managed to avoid destruction, but it cost the unlives of all the Tremere Antitribu, and Tremere was severly weakened by several psychic assaults. Tremere experienced alternate times of lucidity, confusion and catatonia. Tremere managed to use one of Goratrix's escapes to get to New York City, and get to a safe, warded haven. Unfortunatly in a moment of confusion he had the ghoul sell the mirror containing Goratrix's soul.
Goratrix realized that Tremere was going to need some help, and he couldn't do anything stuck in a mirror. All the Tremere antitribu were dead, and the Salout/ Vicissitude Souleater was now in charge of the Tremere clan, and was planning to infect the entire clan and turn them into souleaters. He would need to find someone outside the clan. Goratrix sighed. At the founding of the Tremere clan, back in Ceoris, Goratrix had embraced a childe that had ran away. She was assumed to have been killed by the Tzimisce, for those were days of war. Over the years Goratrix had kept track of her, and though rather unambitious she managed to survive, mostly by staying hidden and leading a very quiet life. She was his last hope, and he used his Auspex to call to her. Shocked to hear from her sire, but not unhappy, his caitiff childe Brittany dropped everything and came to his aid.
She recovered the mirror containing Goratrix at a NYC Auction House, and Goratrix led her back to the haven of Tremere. There Goratrix explained the Vicissitude had forced Tremere into an extended torpor while it devoured Salout's memories and tried to learn it's powers of Obeah. Sometimes vicissitude lays dormant inside hosts, never able to awaken. through the power of Obeah the vicissitude was learning to make self aware, self healing souleaters. Battles had gone on inside the body between them for quite awhile, forcing Tremere into periods of extended torpor and physically unappealing changes.
Brittany called on her old business acquaintance Allen Green, unaware of how ambitious he'ed been lately in becoming a post-diluvian. Upon striking a deal where Tremere would owe him a life boon, Allen agreed to help. The next night Allen returned with the soulless body of a 4th generation Tremere (embraced by Valorius Maior). Allen moved Tremere's soul essence into the new body, and returned Goratrix to his own body. He then provided Tremere with a vial of blood, which he said was part of an antidiluvian's essence shared through Ritual of the Bitter Rose. Thus Tremere was once again 3rd Generation, and had all his original disciplines and powers. Goratrix was quite happy to be back in his own body as well.
However, we still had the matter of the Souleater in Tremere's original body, that was taking over the clan and infecting them with vicissitude. Allen agreed to help with that as well, for a seperate fee of blood boons from each Circle fo Seven member. Tremere reluctantly agreed, feeling he had little other choice in the matter and regaining his clan was now the highest priority. Allen assembled his usual "Attack Pack" of antidiluvian fighters, and we were able to destroy the Salout/ Vicissitude Souleater and rescue the clan.
All the councilors were saved except Elaine de Calinot, who was shown to be a souleater and killed. The entire Tremere blood supply of the clan was lost. It appeared that the Salout/ Vicissitude Souleater was trying to create a ritual that would infect the whole clan with Vicissitude and Obeah all at once.
The Tremere Inquisition was formed, fulfilling both the purpose of replenishing the blood supply of the clan and checking for loyalty and spies.

2001, 9-11 - Known to Clan Samedi, the Kiasyd, and select accomplished Necromancers
Using the World Trade Center as a tether, the remains of the original exiled Cappadocians and Lamia return from the deep areas of the Shadowlands to which they fled on orders of their antidiluvian. Both groups have undergone significant changes. The Lamia now call themselves the Harbingers of Skulls, and went to join the Sabbat as a way to get information and become refamiliarized with the mortal world.

2002 - Well Known
The entire Grimaldi Revanant family defects the Sabbat to serve the Ventrue, taking their assets with them and selling off their former master's holdings. The ensuing havoc caused by their defection left many Sabbat homeless, bankrupt and evicted.
2002 - Popular Gossip Rumors
Allen Green was employed by the Grimaldi family to break the blood bonds and arrange transportation and new employment in the Camarilla Ventrue.
2002 - Known to Clan Samedi, Clan Ventrue and select Tremere
Many Tremere were on hand by order of Meerlinda to assist Allen in breaking the blood bonds. Sadly there is a loss rate of 17% of the Grimaldi family members, but all remaining Grimaldi revanants are free of the Sabbat and the Tzimisce.

2002, Winter Solstice - Well Known
In a special meeting of the Inner Circle, it was revealed that in 1998 Absimmilard was put on the Red List, nominated by Harrod of Clan Nosferatu, for his crimes against the Nosferatu Clan. Allen Green is acknowledged as Absimmilard's diablorist and head of Clan Samedi. For his trophy, Allen requests that Clan Samedi join the Camarilla. Clan Samedi is accepted into the Camarilla by uninamous vote.
2002, Winter Solstice - Popular Gossip Rumors
The Samedi have the gratitude and friendship of the Nosferatu clan for destroying Absimmilard and the Nickatu. The Samedi have the gratitude and friendship of the Ventrue clan for placing the Grimaldi ghoul family with them. And the Samedi have the gratitude and friendship of the Tremere, although much whispered speculations about the reasons abound. Some say the reason is as simple as Tremere and Allen Green both being "post-diluvians", others say Allen assisted Clan Tremere in some unspecified yet major way.

2002, December 21 Winter Solstice - Mostly Unknown
The echos of the Maelstrom created by the fall of Enoch went to the edge of the universe and then began their slow return. The echos reach the Gates of Hell, breaking them open. Many souls inside are destroyed as well. About 95% of the demons abandon their posts to start heading toward earth. Hell is severly weakened.

2002, December 23 - Popular Gossip Rumors
Demons arrive on earth, and attempt to come through a hole in the dream shell near Antartica. They were expected, and the defenders were in place waiting for them.
There are greeted by a host of Technocracy agents on the outside of the dream shell. Inside, many astrally projecting Camarilla kindred were ready for them. (Mostly Tremere, Malkavians, and Toreador; with some other clans and independants as well)
Although many smaller demons do make it through, most of the largest, most powerful demons were stopped.

2003, March - Mostly Known
At an open showing to all sects, the unveiling of a formerly unknown Fragment of the Book of Nod in Montreal, Canada causes quite a stir among Noddist scholars. (Nights of Prophecy Adventure)
Jalan-Aajav begins to take control of the (remaining False) Black Hand, and prepairs for war against teh Camarilla.

2003, August - if you're not in torpor, you know
Jalan-Aajav names himself the new Regent of the Sabbat, and ruler of the Black Hand. None dare oppose him. He begins an open war to finally end it - to destroy the Camarilla once and for all. Many suspect his rash actions will shatter the Masquerade beyond repair.


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