A One Shot Sabbat Game


Rob ran a one shot vampire game for some friends of his from work, Jen and Mike.
Mike is playing Malik, a male Tremere antitribu caitiff with Movement of the Mind 5 and lots of computer hacking.
Jen is playing Perry, a Malkavian antitribu with huge size whose derangement is she HATES midgets, mimes and clowns, and ritually rapes the bleached blond guys she feeds from.
I'm playing Stacy, a mud wrestler / biker chick who is a (city) Gangrel. Protean 4 & Celerity 1.

bar of dripping blood

bats flying in front of the moon

We started out in Buffalo, NY. We were taken off and embraced, and we were the three that made it out of our graves. They dominated us to make us forget that until later on though ... so sssshhhh!
We were then brought before this weird guy in a suit, who hired to cack this 'Tremere' guy. Pays well. OK, no big deal - we can do this. We go off into the city too look for him.
While looking for Tremere guy. Perry sees a mime on Elmwood Avenue, the ultra busy bar strip. She immediatly empties her shotgun of incindery rounds to kill the poor (human) mime. Made quite a nice blaze for blocks to be seen. The mime (amazingly enough) lived and went to intensive care.
We met more weird vampires in suits, who have really big guns and were very serious. They took us off to see Prince. Actually, they lied. We got to see some stuffy humorless vampire who calls himself Prince. Warned him he would get sued for that, but he didn't care. Prince asked us lots of questions about Traditions and stuff. Had not clue what the freak was babbling about. He yelled a lot and wanted to kill us. But then some guy who was introduced as the Malkavian Primogen came in to visit, and said we were with him. Prince yelled more. Prince lets us go under his care. (Cool Malk guy later said we must be mad to do that, hahaha. Think I like him. The Malk, not the Prince.) We continue looking for Tremere target.

Next night Malik does research and tried to find Tremere guy.
I stop in hospital and give the mime (in intensive care) 5 blood points and ghoul him. I tell him they are coming for him and he better run. Mime does not run. Bad mime, not to play game!!! I drag mime to window and nurse comes in and screams. I said "Don't jump!" and pushed the mime through the window. Then I grabbed nurse and said "quick, save him!" and threw her out the window. Neither one could fly. :( Mime go splat and live! Nurse just go splat. I turned into a bat and flew down and sucked the nurses' blood.
But guess what? I'm FAMOUS!!! Newspaper has GREAT photos of the blood sucking bat!!!

Third night we find Tremere target and kill him. Really was no big deal, but glad freaky guy pays well anyway. Ran from more of Prince's bodyguards.
Mime moved to another hospital 'for his own safety' by police. Unknown to us, Malkavian Primogen runs mime up flagpole in front of hospital.

Fourth night I refused to leave town without seeing mime. Perry understands but Malik still too straight. Comes with us anyway.
After much coaxing and dares, Malik uses Movement of the Mind to spin mime around in the air until he hurls. "Hey, that WAS fun!" says Malik. ST gives up last hope of making us Camerilla.

We leave town. We meet back up with straight guy who hired us, who says we are good enough to join his group, "The Sabbat". They play jokes on and fight with straight humorless guys who rip off Prince.
Sounds good to us! Those other vampires sounded like stiffs anyway.
He pays us and tells us to meet him in NYC. COOL!

And just to show our story had a happy ending, we embraced the mime with a mix of all of our blood so he is the child of all of us. And we lived happily ever after ...

(BTW - Rob was not planning a Sabbat story, we just turned out that way.)

the seal fo the Sabbat


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bar of dripping blood

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