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It's a Vampiric
Valentine's Day


Written by CaptnQ
and TremereBrittany (me)

bar of dripping blood

It's Valentine's Day, and Love is in the Air.
But how do the vampire clans celebrate this? Well, here's some of our ideas ...


Brujah: Tries to read you a romantic love poem, gets stuck on pronouncing one of the words, and frenzies.

Gangrel: Comes floating over you as a heart shaped cloud of mist.

Malkavian: Fish.

Nosferatu: Spends months getting a rumor going about how much he loves you.

Toreador: You're lucky they are bothering to date you. What are you getting THEM?

Tremere: Gives you a ritual that protects you, but it also warns him if you are betraying him.

Ventrue: He buys you Valentines Day.

Tzimise: Flesh crafts all the servants into a giant beating heart, that sings love songs to you.

Lasombra: Sold Valentine's Day to the Ventrue for a boon, which he give to you.

Assamites: Gives you a 'Heartblood of the Clan' Jacuzzi.

Giovanni: Valentine's Day - It's a Family Affair.

Ravnos: Steals Valentine's Day away from the Ventrue.

Setites: Returns your heart to you for Valentine's Day.

Additional Bloodlines by Yaoi Huntress Earth
Check out her WoD Character Artwork!


Baali: Sacrifice you to Satan.

Blood Brothers: Whatever one member does, the rest follow.

Daughter of Cacaophony: Sing. Duh.

Gargoyles: Hell, it's just happy that you even consider giving it the time of day.

Harbringer of Skulls: Convince the Sabbat not to eat and torture you and your family for Valentines Day.

Kiasyd: Spend months studing what you like in advance and find the most proper way of presenting it to you.

Nagaraja: Serves you a dinner of human flesh cut out in the shape of hearts.

Salubri: Achieve Golconda and ask you to diabolize them.

Samedi: Perform a musical routine with some corpses they revived.

True Brujah: Due to their utter lack of emotion, a simple nod from across the room will do.


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