Vampire: Basic Blood Abilities

bar of dripping blood

Many non clan-specific disciplines have been given a basic ability, a low-level power that anyone with the discipline can use, or that can be learned before learning the first level of the discipline. All these abilities are inherent with the Discipline in question, and cannot be "turned on and off" without the expenditure of a WillPower point (which will eliminate the power for a scene).
Alt System: Buying a Discipline Basic Ability costs 4XP (as opposed to the normal 10XP for a full discipline of level 1), and can later be upgraded to the full discipline level 1 for 6XP.
NOTE: Storytellers should give this a good review before using it, as these abilities increase the strength of the basic discipline set, although to most, this is easily offset by the relatively higher power of the clan-specific disciplines (such as Serpentis, Thaumaturgy, Protean and Obtenebration).

Animal Empathy: The kindred gains the ability to understand the gist of the basic language of animals, and is no longer any more repellent to most animals than a normal mortal.
System: A Perception + Animal Ken roll is required to understand an animal's chatter and a Charisma + Animal Ken roll to approach an animal.

Enhanced Senses: The kindred gains the beginnings of his supernatural sensory range. Eyesight is corrected to beyond 20/20, and sounds can be heard clearly across much greater distances than normal. The kindred also gains a sensitivity to other supernatural creatures and events.
System: The kindred gains the Awareness talent at level 1 and can increase it as normal with experience points (see Mage or Wraith for a description of Awareness).

Quickness of Action: The kindred gains a slight speed advantage when performing multi-actions (using the revised multi-action rules).
System: When doing multiple actions the kindred only begins losing additional dice from the pool after the second action. If the kindred is doing two actions, then both actions are at -2 dice (instead of -2 and -3), for three actions the kindred would be at -3 dice on the first, -3 dice on the second and -4 dice on the third (and so on).

Order: The kindred can add his new talents to shouted commands and threats. This is never subtle and must be loudly vocalized.
System: The kindred gains +1 die to Leadership and Intimidation rolls while Ordering

Survival of the Fittest: The kindred's supernatural toughness first manifests in her healing abilities.
System: When attempting to heal while performing other actions, the Stamina + Survival roll is difficulty 6. (We play that a kindred can heal while acting with a Stamina + Survival roll of difficulty 8 - if using the revised rules that a vampire must be at rest to heal, this allows actions while healing if the kindred roll a Stamina + Survival roll of difficulty 8. Failure still costs the blood point from healing but recovers no damage).

Missing Persons: The kindred begins to become harder to notice or remember. For nosferatu this will usually mean that others may have difficulty remembering exactly which nosferatu was present unless she did something noteworthy.
System: The kindred gains the Arcane background at level 1.

Strength of Purpose: The kindred begins to explore the upper limits of his immortal strength.
System: When rolling WillPower to increase strength using the Feats of Strength rules, the difficulty is reduced from 8 to 7.

Distinction: The kindred begins to stick out in a crowd. This is an imperfect mastering of Presence according to many, making one a better target.
System: Besides others with presence, this character will always be the first person noticed in a crowd. This gives -1 difficulty on rolls for seduction and for attracting others' attention (not useable for Summoning).


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bar of dripping blood

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