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Lore Guide


Written by Kaylan Lyndell,
with inspiration from Jenn Lyle

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Site Note: Many notes in this original document pertained to White Wolf's LARP system (ie: "requires RST approval"), and not to role playing done during tabletop games. I've removed most of the LARP references from this document, and I hope that what is left will serve as a good generic basis for ALL VtM games.
It's also been spell-checked by me. :)

Author's Note: This document is meant to serve as a guide to STs and players alike in the use of Lores. It should not be cited as rules. It is a guideline, nothing more.

First off, Lore are not facts. They are not supposed to be facts. They are highly biased towards the point of view of the group that they represent. This means that they are going to be skewed, and possibly even untrue. Simply because you, as a player, know something is true OOC-ly does not mean that your PC knows it, even if he has extremely high levels of that particular Lore.
For example, you will note that in Tremere Lore, the lower levels indicate a near certainty that Salubri are evil, infernal monsters. Most players familiar with the Clan will know this to be false. However, your PC does NOT know this to be false, and should react to discovering information on Salubri based on what HE knows, rather on what the player knows.

If you let on that you know a hidden secret, you never know whose ears that knowledge might fall to. Creatures of the World of Darkness should never, ever trust each other blindly. With Lores, you have snippets of hard-won information at your hands. This is a bargaining tool of immense power within the World of Darkness. Use that information carefully, cautiously, and above all, quietly. In an uncertain world, knowledge of what is happening, knowledge of what is really out there, this is something that you can use to manipulate nearly anyone who knows less than you do. Why should you give a petty neonate, or a rank cub, the same knowledge that you have when he makes a far, far better tool for you without it He doesn't NEED to know this information to work for you.

Speaking of potential enemies, it also bears mentioning that most groups in the World of Darkness are, if not diametrically opposed to each other, tenuous allies at best, even within a given creature type. Yes, you want to learn about your enemies. But at the same time, your enemies do not want you to learn about them. And you don't want your enemies to learn about you. If you teach someone, they may very well teach someone else, someone who IS one of your enemies. You should be afraid of this. .. and then you should look at what you know and be FAR more afraid. This is knowledge that can alter the way you view the world. It can set your life on edge, cause you to watch your back. This may be what's really out there ... and it may well get you killed if you let on that you know it.

But say you're a player who just saw the blue-skinned lady turn into a scary shadow monster. You know that the Kiasyd just went into Tenebrous Form out of character, and would like to justify having some Kiasyd Lore based off that. Well, first, it'd be a really, really good idea to be able justify knowing what a Kiasyd is in the first place. And then you should be explaining how you knew that was Obtenebration. And after that you can start explaining how you know that Kiasyd HAVE Obtenebration in the first place. And then ... well, you see where I'm going. It's all interconnected, really, and without the keys that you need, you can't put the pieces together to make sense.

Insider vs. Outsider Lores

Only members of a given group can have Insider lore. All others have outsider lore. This isn't to reflect the specific knowledge, per se, but it reflects the fact that an outsider hasn't had the opportunity to observe the nuances and actual habits and traditions of the sect. Outsider Lores should be considered to be at least one level lower than the Lore chart reflects unless otherwise noted in the Lore chart in question.

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Kindred Lore

Kindred Lore 1: What a Fledgling would know

Kindred Lore 2: What a common Kindred would know

Kindred Lore 3: What an Experienced Kindred would know

Kindred Lore 4: What a Scholar would know

Kindred Lore 5: What an Elder would know

Camarilla Lore

Camarilla Lore 1: What an unreleased childe would know.

Camarilla Lore 2: What a newly fledgling would know.

Camarilla Lore 3: What and experienced Kindred would know.

Camarilla Lore 4: What a Scholar would know.

Camarilla Lore 5: What an Elder would know.

Anarch Lore

Anarch Lore 1: What a known Anarch would know

Anarch Lore 2: What a proven Anarch would know

Anarch Lore 3: What an established Anarch would know

Anarch Lore 4: What a studied Anarch would know

Anarch Lore 5

Assamite Lore

Assamite Lore 1: What a Fidai should know

Assamite Lore 2: What a Rafiq should know

Assamite Lore 3: What a Castilian should know

Assamite Lore 4: What an Elder should know

Assamite Lore 5: What a Silsila should know

Assamite Lore 6: What the Du'at know

Assamite Lore 7: What the Master knows

Brujah Lore

Brujah Lore 1: What an unreleased childer would know

Brujah Lore 2: What an up and coming Neonate would know

Brujah Lore 3: What most Ancillae know

Brujah Lore 4: What a Brujah scholar would know
(Note: Note at this level you have become more locked into the past and have begun to lose touch with clan mates, you become paranoid, and, at ST discretion, get the negative trait of paranoid, without the bonus from it)

Brujah Lore 5
(Note: At ST discretion, you gain the derangement Paranoid, but gain no bonus from it, to reflect the fear of the knowledge you possess)

Caitiff Lore

Caitiff Lore 1: What Neonate or Childer with basic teachings would know.

Caitiff Lore 2: What a well rounded member of the Clan would know

Caitiff Lore 3: What a student of the Clan would know

Caitiff Lore 4: What a dedicated scholar of the Clan would know

Caitiff Lore 5: What a dedicated scholar is able to find out after centuries of research.

Followers of Set Lore

Followers of Set Lore 1: What any newly embraced Follower of Set knows.

Followers of Set Lore 2: What any neonate who has been sent out on their own knows.

Followers of Set Lore 3: What those who have lived have found to be true.

Followers of Set Lore 4: What Elders who have seen and studied have found.

Followers of Set Lore 5: Those who have taught what they have seen and studied.

Gangrel Lore

Gangrel Lore 1: What a recently embraced childe would know
This character has been embraced within the last year or two and probably only recently was told what clan he was. He has met a handful of his kind and is just on the cusp of entering Gangrel Society, such that it is.

Gangrel Lore 2: What an adopted and recognized childe would know
This character is finally at home with being Gangrel. He could have embraced within the last 50 or so years, but has spent some time with others of his clan and is becoming aware of what it means to be Gangrel. If his Sire did not abandon him, he has been released. If he was abandoned, he has been found and taken back into the clan. As a Gangrel, he is more aware of the social aspect, which impacts their day-to-day existence than the historical aspect.

Gangrel Lore 3: What an established Gangrel would know
This character has been a Gangrel for many years. He or she is a well rounded member of the clan. They know what it means to be Gangrel. This level represents time and experience, as well as self study. They are aware of the clan History, but not all the details. Overall, history isn't that important to them. Yet.

Gangrel Lore 4: What an older Gangrel would know
At this level, the Gangrel is starting to realize that there's far more to those old tales than just the telling. This is the stage where they begin to sift through the rumors for the grains of truth. This indicates personal time spent researching items that might detract in some fashion from local events. Elders often have this if they don't spend any additional time in researching events or information.

Gangrel Lore 5: What a Gangrel Scholar would know
Now the Gangrel is confident he or she is aware of the true history behind his clan. He is dedicated to research and study as well as seeking out new information and knowledge. He can listen to the tales and recognize the artistic embellishments. He has the established history down. But he also knows they are more secrets out there and he is still looking.

Giovanni Lore

Giovanni Lore 1: What a recently embraced childe would know.

Giovanni Lore 2: What a neonate would know.

Giovanni Lore 3: What an established Giovanni would know.

Giovanni Lore 4: What an older Giovanni or a student of the Clan would know

Giovanni Lore 5: What an dedicated Giovanni researcher would know.

Giovanni Lore 6: What a dedicated Giovanni scholar is able to find out after centuries of research,or with access to the secrets of the Mausoleum.
Only a handful of characters should have this level. Information at this level would shock other Giovanni.

Giovanni Lore 7: What only the most dedicated Giovanni scholar would know after centuries of study and research.
Secrets here are often kept in the hands of Augustus and his advisors. The secrets of the Jyhad lie herein.

Malkavian Lore Malkavian Lore 1: What a Fool has stumbled across

Malkavian Lore 2: Truths a Maniac can uncover

Malkavian Lore 3: What only a Madman would find

Malkavian Lore 4: Patterns that a Lunatic believes

Malkavian Lore 5: What a Fool wishes he could forget

Nosferatu Lore

Nosferatu Lore 1

Nosferatu Lore 2

Nosferatu Lore 3

Nosferatu Lore 4

Nosferatu Lore 5

Nosferatu Lore 6

Nosferatu Lore 7

Ravnos Lore

Ravnos Lore 1: What any Mulo might uncover

Ravnos Lore 2: What most vampire Gaje might realize

Ravnos Lore 3: What Phralmulo must be taught

Ravnos Lore 4: What any respectable Baro should know

Ravnos Lore 5: What a Krisatori must know to be worthy

Toreador Lore


Toreador Lore 1: What an unreleased childe would have heard through the grapevine

Toreador Lore 2: What a newly released Childe would know

Toreador Lore 3: What an up-and-coming Toreador Powerhouse would know

Toreador Lore 4: What an established Toreador has overheard

Toreador Lore 5: Gossip that takes real talent to uncover

Tremere Lore

Tremere Lore 1: What a fledgeling Tremere or outsiders would know.

Tremere Lore 2: What a neonate Tremere would know

Tremere Lore 3: What an Ancilla Tremere or High Apprentice would know

Tremere Lore 4: What a high ranked or Elder Tremere Would know.

Tremere Lore 5: What a Tremere Loremaster would know.

Ventrue Lore

Ventrue Lore 1: What a new Ventrue should be able to receive on their first Death Day

Ventrue Lore 2: What a newly released Ventrue has learned

Ventrue Lore 3: What an up and coming Ventrue comprehends

Ventrue Lore 4: What an established Ventrue has overheard during conversations with elders

Ventrue Lore 5: What a Ventrue scholar may have uncovered in musty archives

Ventrue Lore 6: What a Ventrue historian has spent an unlife researching

Ventrue Lore 7: What a Ventrue who has dedicated all their life to research would find


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