Handy Guide to Personal Horror
for Path Followers

bar of dripping blood

These are just the first situations which popped into my mind when I looked at each of the Hierarchies of Sin for each of the paths in Guide to the Sabbat. All of these assume a base rating of 5.

Path of Blood
You are placed in a position where you can either act against another Assamite or fail to take an opportunity to lower your generation.

Path of Bones
You are surreptitiously blood bound by another Kindred, who constantly forces you to inconvenience yourself for her benefit.

Path of Caine
You are faced with the opportunity to diablerize a humane vampire. However, killing that vampire will ruin any chance you have of getting a rare manuscript which is rumored contain lost teachings of Caine. (Whether it does or not is irrelevant. It's the idea that's important.)

Path of Cathari
You are asked by a packmate (to whom you have a Vaulderie rating of ten) to quit with the messy exsanguination of that mortal while she's trying to work on something.

Path of Death and the Soul
Obeying the momentary call of blood, you save a packmate from certain death.

Path of Evil Revelations
While attempting to corrupt another vampire, you become over-excited, and accidentally let one of your path secrets slip.

Path of the Feral Heart
Succumbing to your fear of fire, you flee, leaving your packmates stranded in a time of crisis.

Path of Honorable Accord
You are placed in a situation where two oaths you have given come into conflict with one another. There is no way to keep both oaths--you must break one. Not even by your own death may you keep from breaking one--or both.

Path of Lilith
During a torture session, you accidentally go too far, and kill a Cainite who wished to convert to your path.

Path of Metamorphosis
You lose control during a frenzy, and fail to "ride" it.

Path of Night
You refute another's authority, are humiliated, and fly into a frenzy. During this frenzy, you kill someone.

Path of Paradox
You are covertly blood bound and coerced by your blood bond into participating in a needless (to you) embrace.

Path of Power and the Inner Voice
You are placed in a position where using the most effective tools for immediate success is possible, but will mean turning down or closing off a future opportunity for power.

Path of Typhon
You are faced with the opportunity to take advantage of another vampire's weakness. However, doing so will ruin another Setite's plans, specifically those which might assist in a possible avenue for the awakening of Set.

These aren't necessarily the best examples. These are just the first examples of personal horror that I thought of when I sat down and flipped through the book. I'm certain that any Sabbat ST worth their salt could come up with a hundred more ways to play up personal horror for a Path follower, if they chose to give the matter some thought. The other Paths offer just as many opportunities for this kind of STing.
And while we're at it, let's examine the idea of a game of "personal horror." What, exactly, does the phrase "personal horror" mean? Does it mean the horror of the vampire character? Well, it can, and looking up at those examples, it's very easy for it to mean something like that.
However, it's always been my assumption that it at least partially meant the horror of the person playing the vampire. The villains in a horror novel aren't necessarily horrified by their own actions, but the reader is supposed to be. Since these are supposed to be "storytelling" games, isn't the reaction of the audience (namely, the players) as important, if not more so, than the actual reactions of the characters?


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bar of dripping blood

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