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First, let me start by saying that to the best of my knowledge, there isen't any plans to make a movie about the Vampires of Clan Tremere. Especially after the huge bomb that the TV series "Kindred the Embraced" was, I doubt WW is going to make a TV show or Movie in the near future. (of course, we all know that aside from lousy writing and zero character development, KtE bombed because there were no Tremere in the show! *winks*)
However, this subject came up in our gaming group, and we started discussing what actors and actresses would be good for the parts of the various councilors. Here's the best of our discussions ...

bar of black roses bar of black roses

Michael Wincott as Tremere
As played by Michael Wincott

Val Kilmer as Etrius
As played by Val Kilmer

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Meerlinda, on horseback Catherine Zeta-Jones as Meerlinda
As played by Catherine Zeta-Jones

Gary Oldman as Grimgroth
As played by Gary Oldman

Antonio Bandaras as Xavier de Cincao
As played by Antonio Bandaras

Michael Biehn as Thomas Wyncham
As played by Michael Biehn

Nicole Kidman as Elaine de Calinot Nicole Kidman as Elaine de Calinot, sitting
As played by Nicole Kidman

Jeremy Irons as Goratrix
As played by Jeremy Irons

NOTE: No, we didn't overlook Abetorius. We just couldn't come up with an Actor we thought should play him. Got any ideas? Please mail me :) [contact info on bottom of main WoD page]

bar of black roses bar of black roses


Most of the pics came from At Pictures, except for those of Biehn & Wincott. Biehn & Wincott are pics I've had for years, and I don't remember where I originally got them.


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