The Last Supper
April, 1444


GAME NOTES: Our ST was kind enough to say he *would* let our PC's change the events if we could, despite the fact that the adventure as it is out of the books seems to have the characters along as witnesses, not participants. ST also said he was going to play with the NPC characters right out of the book, stats as is, and rolled out things in front of us.
I think he lived to regret that ...
To make a long story short, 4 PC's working with 2 NPC "sire" characters managed to change the whole adventure, and the whole future WoD really.

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In the first adventure, our characters receive a surprise invitation from a very wealthy nobleman to come to a dinner party he is hosting at his Romanian mansion. He provides all travel and lodging for us. We arrive at the mansion of Claudius Giovanni for dinner on the evening of the 4th, only to find out that are hosts are vampires and WE are their dinner! Held and helpless, they drink our blood and it seems that we will all die here.
A surprise attack on the manse causes our captors to flee, but not before we get embraced by our sires to be left behind as a distraction to buy them time. We are captured by another group of vampires, calling themselves "The Founders". They torture us for awhile, demanding we tell them all we know about "The Conspirators". Eventually realizing we know nothing, they debate our futures. Some want us killed, some wish to use us for their own ends. Eventually, they agree to send us back to spy on the first group of vampires.
The Conspirators have a wide range of reactions to our return. The young gypsy man did a poor job of hiding how shaken he was that his childe returned, while the Turk seemed pleased that not only had his childe returned but she was leading the others. Our sires agree to train us, and we get to know them as they teach of our clan.
To test our loyalty and sincerity, Claudius requests we deliver a missive to his clanmate Japheth, who resides in a monastery close by. Thus we join the Conspiracy of Isaac, and get embroiled in our sire's plots to diablorize Japeth, a Cappadocian elder.
But there's more then meets the eye going on ...

Bajazet explained to his childe Daniella what he was really doing in the Conspiracy of Isaac, and enlisted her assistance to help him. The next part of his plan involved some other assistance from another Conspiritor he had purchased the services of, but he felt Daniella would provide an excellent "in" for getting to see his target. He was right.

The night before the meeting of the intended attack on Japeth, Gabrin used a chimerstry illusion to make Bajazet look like Hardestadt. Bajazet and his childe Daniella rode to Hardestadt's castle. Daniella said she must speak to Hardestadt alone immediately, it was of the utmost importance. Once they were alone, her obfuscated sire silenced the room and attacked. Between the two of them, they used weakness and disease repeatedly until Hardestadt was incapacitated, then Bajazet diablorized Hardestadt. Using Gabrin's illusion, bolstered by his own obfuscate power and mundane disguise, Bajazet replaced him. Showing Daniella to the door, 'Hardestadt' thanked her for the information and bade his servants to see her out. 'Hardestadt' told his servants he was not to be disturbed until the next night.

The Fight

During Japeth's meeting with Claudius, Daniella grabs Japheth and leads him off. Japeth is eventually led to safety by Daniella's ghoul Paul, joined by the Nosferatu founder Joseph.
'Hardestadt' (Bajazet) leads the Founders to attack, and a free-for-all begins.
Claudius is jumped by all the PC's, and eventually taken down by Gabrin. Gabrin hides them with Chimerstry and diablorizes Claudius.
Jewelia grabbed the Brujah staked by the Nosferatu, and she diablorized him while hiding with Chimerstry. (like sire, like childe)
Olof was a whirring vision of berzerking death. Overcoming what must have been some awful visions in his mind, he diablorized the Malkavian causing them. Later when Daniella presented him with his staked sire, he cut off her head, telling her she wasn't worthy of being a part of him for eternity.
Snelly diablorized the Setite that attacked him, then came to Marianna's aid and diablorized the Toreador that had been struck back with her as well.
About this time, Augustus Giovanni appears, then Cappadocius.
Bajazet attacks Augustus as he tries to diablorize Cappadocius, but is staked and thrown back out of the maelstrom. Daniella rescues and unstakes her sire, and together they attack again, both using weakness and disease repeatedly until their targets could not fight back.
Daniella watched over Bajazet as he diablorized, seeing no one would interfer with this. Then she went off and diablorized her own staked targets.


  • Japheth was led away to safety by Paul (Daniella's ghoul) and the Nosferatu founder Josef. Japheth is now the head of the Cappadocian bloodline. He's taking Marianna and the remaining monks off to found a new monastery elsewhere.
  • Conspirators: 11 out of 13 Conspirators died, leaving only Bajazet and Gabrin.
    Gabrin diablorized Claudius Giovanni.
    Bajazet al-Nazir diablorized Hardestadt the night before the fight; and impersonated him to lead the Founders to Japeth's defense. Bajazet, assisted by Marianna, Gabrin and Daniella, was then able to diablorize both Augustus Giovanni and Cappadocius (!).
  • Founders: 4 of the 7 Founders survived.
    Josef is going home to his warren.
    Raphael, Mistress Fanchon and Milov were trapped in the collapsing caverns from the explosion. They were dug out 2 nights later. Although Milov is going to hate unlife -- during the fight his arms were bonecrafted off by the Tzimisce, and he will be unable to grow them back as they were the same generation (DA:R,p.222). Gangrel who turn into two legged wolves and wingless bats get very cranky ...
  • Players: All 4 pc's survived, although 1 was hurt pretty badly at the end. Olof, Snelly, and Jewelia diablorized 1 generation closer to Caine, and Daniella diablorized 2 generations closer to Caine.

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    Not that our group was very welcomed by the other vampires before this happened, but after all the murders and diablorie we've given up hope of "fitting in" with the other European vampires. We're heading to escort Bajazet back to Alamut, and to get ourselves out of Europe as well.
    We arrived in Constantanople, and were under the protection of the Assamite Shabah.

    Thus concludes The Last Supper.


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