Game TimeLine

of The Last Supper


Pre Chronicle Character History

1412, 5/12 - Snelly born in France
1423, 3/1 - Olof born in Scandinavia
1426, 3/7 - Daniella born in Romania
1428, 9/24 - Jewelia born in Romania
1429, 7/20 - Tzimisce overlord attacks Daniella's fief in a power bid, her parents are driven out.
1429, 8/7 - Daniella's parents killed while traveling thru Romania. As an orphan with no known family, she is taken to a convent.
1436, 2/2 - Jewelia's parents accumulated too much debt, and the family was put into indentured servitude.
1436, 6/13 - Jewelia sold to William, owner of William's Inn.

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The Last Supper, 1444

3/15 - Lord Giovanni's men request to purchase Jewelia from William. He refuses to sell her.
3/20 - William's outstanding debts are bought by Lord Giovanni's men. He is presented with the debts, and told he will be selling Jewelia to them to pay off his debts. William is beaten up. Jewelia is bought and they began to travel.
4/1 - Daniella invited to attend The Last Supper.
4/3 - All party guests arrive at the Red Lamb Inn.
4/4 - Guests spend the day of relaxing, and prepare for the party that night. Our hosts are revealed to be vampires, and it seems we will all die here. An attack on the manse prompts our captors to embrace us to cover their escape. We surrender to Roderigo and his master Hardestadt, and we are taken to Castle Deverck.
4/5 - Questioning and conversation with Hardestadt. They agree to send us back to spy on the first group of vampires. We are trained by Roderigo.
4/6 - On the way back, we are attacked by brigands. We successfully fight them off, and arrive at the Inn of Red Lion. Our sires have a mixed reaction to our return.
4/7 - Claudius bids us to deliver a missive to his clanmate Japeth. We travel to St. Timothy's Monestary to deliver his message to Japeth.
4/8 - Neonates engage in reparations and training.
4/9 - Jewelia visits Durga Syn at the Gypsy village for information.
4/10 - Daniella visits Japeth to warn him of the Conspirator's plans to diablorize him. Japeth reveals that he is aware of this, but unable to do anything to interfere personally. Daniella asks him more questions and she determines that Japeth is blood bound to his sire, who has ordered him not to stop Claudius from his plans. Japeth says there is nothing that prevents him from helping her though, and he gifts her with 5 sets of shrouds and boots which will allow the wearer to move in a maelstrom.
4/11 - Neonates are training in melee combat. Daniella annoys Lothar.
4/12 - While riding alone, Daniella is attacked by Lothar and 6 ghouls. She is rescued by her friends.
4/13 - Attack on Hardestadt by Lord al-Nazir and Daniella, Hardestadt diablorized by Lord al-Nazir.
4/14 - Meeting at the monastery with Japeth. Augustus Giovanni and Cappadocius show up as well. A huge battle occurs, many die. We escape to meet our companions back at the Inn of the Red Lion. We spend the night at a nearby farmhouse that Lord al-Nazir had prepared for an emergency.
4/15 - We part ways. Josef returns to his warren in Austria. Japeth takes Marianna and the remaining monks to found a new monastery in Switzerland. We decide to make for Jewelia's city of Constanta, hoping from there to book passage on a ship to Constantanople.



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