Events of the 1400's


1395 - Tyler kills Hardestadt the Elder. The eldest childe of Hardestadt assumes his sire's identity after assuring the silence of his six 'brothers'.

1405 - The Lasombra Antediluvian is betrayed by Gratiano and diablorized by an Assamite, who came to be known as "The Hulul".

1406 - Lupines destroy the Boy Prince of Cairo, the Ventrue Antonius. His Caitiff bodyguard, Mukhtar Bey, survives and becomes Prince.

1413 - Anarch Tzimisce claim to have destroyed their founder.

1420 - The Anarch Revolution reaches its peak.

1435 - Hardestadt (the younger) calls a convocation of elders to deal with the Anarch problem. He proposes a league of vampires be formed to address problems that cross clan lines. Many elders reject the idea, but a small group supports Hardestadt.

1444 - The Conspiracy of Isaac plots to destroy Cappadocius. Augustus Giovanni diablerises Cappadocius. The Cappadocian Purge begins.
[The Giovanni Chronicles 1: The Last Supper is held.]

1450 - Following the now-famous speech by the Toreador Rafael de Corazon, elders of various clans unite and the Camarilla is officially founded.

1453 - Constantinople falls to the Ottomans.

1456 - Etrius moves the central chantry of the Tremere from Ceoris in the Transylvanian Alps to Vienna.

1479 - Union of Castile and Aragon.

1480 - Turks take Otranto in Southern Italy.

1486 - First Conclave of the Camarilla. Bloodhunt declared against the clan Assamite.

1492 - Lasombra Antitribu are driven out of Spain. Jews and Moors expelled from Spain. Columbus discovers America.

1493, October 23 - Convention of Thorns ends the Anarch Revolt. The Sabbat movement is born, the original Code of Milan is composed.

1493 - The location of Alamut, the fortress of the Assamites, is compromised.

1494 - Jamal, a Warrior caste Assamite, becomes the Elder of Alamut and sits upon the Black Throne.

1495 - The Tzimisce Lambach Ruthven is forced to sire Vlad Tepes, who becomes the legandary "Dracula".

1496 - Treaty of Tyre is signed. Tremere Inner Circle places a blood-curse upon the members of Clan Assamite, rendering the Assamites unable to drink Cainite vitae.

1496 - A group of Assamite rebels refuse to succumb to the Curse. Izhim abd'Azrael (Warrior caste Assamite) leads a small band called 'the Unconquered' to the ruins of Chorazin. The Tremere blood curse is broken on these Assamites, but every sorcerer and vizier present perishes. The remaining Unconquered Assamites eventually join the Sabbat, becoming the Assamite Antitribu.

1526 - Vlad Tepes captures Hunedora Castle in eastern Romania.


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