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Claudius Giovanni of Clan Cappadocian - Claudius is a short, stout, balding man. Acting on the orders of his father and sire Augustus, Claudius founds 'the Conspiracy of Isaac' to plot the destruction of Japheth Cappadocius, a Cappadocian Methuselah. Claudius also arranges for its discovery by the Founders, counting on their outrage to blind them of the true plan of his sire to diablerize Cappadocius.
Claudius's childe is Marianna, who survived. She goes on to become a great thorn in the side of the Giovanni family.
Claudius Giovanni was initially attacked by Snelly, Olof, Jewelia, and Marianna; but was eventually diablorized by Gabrin.

Lord Bajazet al-Nazir of Clan Assamite - A skilled assassin, Bajazet was exiled from his clan after failing a to complete an assassination contract. He was told he could not return until he redeemed himself and his honor by diablorizing his generation one closer to Caine. Bajazet joined the Conspiracy as a means to an end, to find the elder(s) he needed to redeem himself to his clan.
Lord Bajazet al-Nazir's childe is Daniella, a Catholic Nun, who survived. Although at first glance you couldn't imagine two more different people, they are very close. Daniella is devoted to her sire and content with her new clan.
Lord Bajazet al-Nazir diablorized Hardestadt the evening before the fight, and replaced him. During the fight, 'Hardestadt' killed Lady Jadviga. He went to attack Augustus, whom Cappadocius healed. Augustus then staked him and sent him flying back. Daniella came and unstaked her sire, and together they used the powers of their Assamite blood to weaken the pair until they were able to stake them both. Bajazet was able to diablorize both Augustus and Cappadocius, and is now the 3rd Antediluvian of the Assamite clan (The Hulul recently diablorized the Lasombra Founder in 1405).

Gabrin of Clan Ravnos - Gabrin is a wandering charmer with roguish good looks and the ability to talk himself out of anything. Gabrin joined the Conspiracy because Claudius paid him well to be a part of it. Secretly, Gabrin wanted the opportunity to steal from both Claudius Giovanni and his other Conspirators. He was then privately hired by Lord Bajazet al-Nazir to assist him in his plans of diablarie.
Gabrin's childe is Jewelia, a Romanian Bar Wench, who survived. Jewelia was at first quite angry at Gabrin, wishing only to return to her mortal life. Jewelia eventually came to accept her undead state, and forgave Gabrin for embracing her. Sire and childe are now very close.
Gabrin was paid to assist Bajazet in his attack on Hardestadt, and in covering up his absence to the Conspirators with illusion. In the fight, Gabrin diablorized Claudius Giovanni.

Lady Amisa of Clan Setite - A decadent member of the Setites, who especially enjoyed corrupting holy people.
Lady Amisa's childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Lady Amisa attacked Snelly, who was attacking Claudius. Snelly and Olof fought her. Olof staked her, and she was diablorized by Snelly.

Lord Leopold Valdemar of Clan Lasombra - Lord Valdemar is a wealthy merchant from Spain.
Lord Valdemar's childe is Snelly, a French Noble and Merchant, who survived. Snelly understood that his sire saw him as an expendable pawn, but Snelly didn't intend to stay that way for long.
Lord Valdemar was killed by Mistress Fanchon's Lure of Flames.

Lord Mieczyslav of Clan Tzimisce - Lord Mieczyslav is an artist of the flesh, who dresses in plain black monks robes.
Lord Mieczyslav's childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Lord Mieczyslav assisted Lady Dimitra by removing the arms of her attacker, Milov Petrenkov. He was then staked and diablorized by Daniella.

Marchettus the Bold of Clan Brujah - A overly violent member of a violent clan.
Marchettus's childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Marchettus killed Camilla Banes; then was staked by Josef von Bauren. He was later diablorized by Jewelia.

Lady Dimitra of Clan Gangrel - Only her sadistic cruelty separates her from being mistaken for a beast.
Lady Dimitra's childe is Olof, a Scandinavian Viking, who survived. Olof hated Lady Dimitra for her sadism and cruelty.
Lady Dimitra was injured by Milov Petrenkov, then staked by Daniella. Daniella offered her staked body to Olof. Olof told Dimitra that she wasn't even good enough to diablorize, and cut off her head. Her remaining blood was fed to the newly embraced Roderigo.

Lady Theophana of Clan Malkavian - Appearing as a beautiful young pre-teen girl in worn clothes, she is obsessive about whatever is catching her attention at the moment.
Lady Theophana's childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Lady Theophana was injured by a frenzying Adana de Sforza, then staked and diablorized by Olof.

Matron Violetta of Clan Nosferatu - Matron Violetta is a disgusting ugly, smelly, fat woman, who thankfully wears a mask.
Matron Violetta's childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Matron Violetta was killed by Josef von Bauren while she was attempting to intercept the ghoul taking Japeth away to safety.

Sire Wenceslas of Clan Toreador - A aged pedophile, Claudius liked him for the perversions he wrought unto the innocent.
Sire Wenceslas' childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Sire Wenceslas was severely injured by a frenzying Adana de Sforza. With one slap of her hand she sent him flying into Marianna, and they both fell backwards into some monks. Marianna staked him, and he was later diablorized by Snelly.

Lord Casmir of Clan Tremere - A distinguished older man who dresses as a medieval wizard.
Lord Casmir's childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Lord Casamir was killed by Mistress Fanchon's Lure of Flames, but not before causing her severe injury. After his death, blood from his corpse was tasted by Jewelia and Roderigo, who desired to learn Thaumaturgy.

Lady Jadviga Almanov of Clan Ventrue - Lady Jadviga was a double betrayer, and none were really sure which side of the Conspiracy vs. Founders conflict she was really on.
Lady Jadviga's childe was killed when Hardestadt attacked the Conspirators' dinner party.
Lady Jadviga was killed by Bajazet al-Nazir, while he was masquerading as Hardestadt. Jewelia used Lady Jadviga's blood to embrace the ghoul Roderigo.


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