Giovanni Chronicles:
The Last Supper


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Hardestadt, elder of Clan Ventrue - Hardestadt has little more than contempt for mortals or other vampires. He is tall and muscular with dark hair and intense eyes, and quite handsome. However, once he opens his mouth, you quickly realize that he is boorish, loud and pompous.
The evening before the fight, Hardestadt was diablorized by Lord Bajazet al-Nazir (with noteable assists from Gabrin and Daniella). The 'Hardestadt' at the fight was actually a disguised and obfuscated Lord Bajazet al-Nazir, who replaced Hardestadt to further his own goals of diablerie upon the non Assamite elders assembled.

Josef von Bauren, elder of Clan Nosferatu - Josef is a stooped and wizened man, no more than 4'9" in height, with warts covering most of his skin. He was formerly one of the church's Leper Knights.
Josef staked Marchettus the Bold, who was later diablorized by Jewelia. Josef killed Matron Violetta as she attempted to sneak off after Japeth, who was being led away from the fighting by a ghoul. Josef joined Japeth and Daniella's ghoul Paul, who took them back to the Inn. All 3 survived.

Adana de Sforza, elder of Clan Brujah - Adana is a petite blonde woman with narrow blue eyes and sharp features. Likes to argue for the sake of arguing.
Adana went into a frenzy after being too close to the fighting Tremere, who exchanged many Lure of Flames with each other. While frenzying, Adana injured Sire Wenceslas, Lady Theophana and Mistress Fanchon. Adana then drained the ghoul Roderigo almost to the point of death. Adana was staked and later diablorized by Daniella of Clan Assamite.

Mistress Fanchon, elder of Clan Tremere - Mistress Fanchon is a handsome, middle-aged woman with very long, dark hair and bright green eyes.
Mistress Fanchon exchanged 'Lure of Flames' with Lord Casmir, killing him. Their flames sent Adana de Sforza into frenzy, who backhanded her to near the 'secret' cavern entrance the founders came in through. Down 6 wound levels and only 3 blood points left, she ran into the caverns and eventually caught up with Rafael. Milov joined them shortly thereafter; then the caverns collapsed from the explosion above. Two days later they were rescued from the collapsed caverns.

Rafael de Corazon, Elder of Clan Toreador - Rafael is a gorgeous faggot with a beautiful voice and wandering eyes when attractive men are near.
Rafael ran away in the first round of combat after his presence was reflected back on him by Lord Casmir's Pavis of Foul Presence. He was joined in the caverns by Mistress Fanchon and Milov; then the caverns collapsed from the explosion above. Two days later they were rescued from the collapsed caverns.

Milov Petrenkov, elder of Clan Gangrel - Milov is a slim, dark young man with shaggy brown hair and innocent brown eyes. Quiet and freaky.
Milov was in a fast and furious fight with Lady Dimitra, and was winning. But the tide quickly turned when Lord Mieczyslav used bonecraft to remove both of his arms. Milov turned to mist and went off into the caverns, eventually catching up with Rafael and Mistress Fanchon; then the caverns collapsed from the explosion above. Two days later they were rescued from the collapsed caverns. He is still armless.

Camilla Banes, elder of Clan Malkavian - Camilla is tall woman with dreamy eyes. She has two opposing personalities, one being nurturing and the other being destructive.
Camilla was killed at the final battle by Marchettus the Bold.


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