Giovanni Chronicles:
The Last Supper


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Cappadocius - Antidiluvian founder of the Cappadocian Clan.
It was he whom set the events of the story up as a way to diablorize God and bring Heaven unto Earth. Mad as a Hatter.
Cappadocius was diablorized by Lord Bajazet al-Nazir (Assamite Conspiritor).

Japheth - The oldest and favored childe of Cappadocius.
Under the blood bond, Japheth was ordered by his sire not to fight back or otherwise interfere in his impending diablarie.
Japheth was saved from this fate by the actions of Daniella and her ghoul Paul. After his sire's death, Japheth was free of the blood bond at last. Japheth became the leader of the remaining members of the Cappadocian bloodline. He took his remaining monks and Marianna off to Switzerland to set up a new monastery.

Augustus Giovanni - The youngest and most ambitious childe of Cappadocius.
Augustus thought he was setting this whole plan up so he would become a leader of his own clan. Instead, he was just a pawn of the mad antidiluvian Cappadocius's plans.
Augustus was diablorized by Lord Bajazet al-Nazir (Assamite Conspiritor).

Durga Syn - Elderly Ravnos gypsy woman, who always seems to show up at the right time to mutter cryptic prophecies, which don't usually make sense until it's too late.


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