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Roderigo was the ghoul of Claudius Giovanni. He was in charge of the group of servants sent to escort Jewelia to his party. On the trip to the Giovanni manse, Jewelia spoke with him about the Giovanni and her doubts about the trip. Roderigo was kind and friendly to Jewelia, and she thought well of him.
The attack by the Founders disrupted our impending deaths and inspired our rather traumatic embraces. Given the chance, we surrendered to Roderigo and Hardestadt. Roderigo explained to Hardestadt that we were the dinner guests he helped to transport and not the Conspiritors. Hardestadt was annoyed, and announced that we were prisoners who would be taken to his castle for questioning. Roderigo suggested travelling with newly embraced, starved vampires might be a bad idea; and so Hardestadt instructed his troops to gather up the remaining bodies. Maids and stableboys were piled up with the newly embraced dinner guests that did not survive. We were taken over one at a time and allowed to feed, which was a pretty distrubing experience for most of us.
On the way to Hardestadt's castle, we were still trying to cope with all that had happened to us. Marianna was near-catatonic, not moving or speaking. Snelly was obviously worried, and shaken. Olof was stoic, but looked deeply disturbed. Jewelia was near tears, and Sister Daniella was trying to comfort her.
Perhaps out of an effort to comfort, or maybe out of a bit of misplaced jealousy, Roderigo spoke. "Despite the unfortunate circumstances of your embrace, I know many who would give anything to be immortal, as you now are." Roderigo said. Jewelia stared at him with total amazement.
"You think this is a gift? Or some kind of blessing?" she asked. "Well, come a little closer then. I saw how they made me a vampire, and I can do it to you."
Roderigo was silent for the rest of the trip.
We arrived at Castle Deverrick the next night. After much questioning and debate, Hardestadt decided to send us back to the Conspiritors as his spies. He asked Roderigo to outfit us and give us a brief schooling of kindred knowledge. Roderigo did so, but also told us about how Claudius had mistreated him in the years he had been his ghoul, and how he came to fight the effects of the blood bond long enough to go to Hardestadt.
Roderigo explained to Jewelia that she was too young to embrace him, and he would just die if she tried. He told us he did want to be a vampire, and Hardestadt had promised him the embrace if he lived through the final battle.


In the final battle, Roderigo was near death after being almost completly drained by a frenzying Adana de Sforza. Jewelia ran over to him, and saw that he was dying. She knew Hardestadt was already dead, and that Roderigo had said earlier that he wanted to be a vampire. She leaned close and asked him if he wanted to be embraced, and he whispered back to her "yes". Jewelia knew she should not try to embrace him with her own blood, herself being less then 2 weeks old. Scavinging the corpses, she embraced him with the blood of Lady Jadviga Almanov of Clan Ventrue. Jewelia also fed him blood a bit of blood from the Tremere Lord Casmir. Olof brought his recently decapatated sire Lady Dimitra over, and together they wrung out Lady Dimitra's blood into Roderigo to help fill him up.
Roderigo was shocked but grateful to be embraced, and said he would accompany us to Constantanople.

His Future: Roderigo declined to go any further into Arab lands with us, saying he "was as far from Europe as he would ever want to be". He lived in Constantanople for 8 months. He then remembered an old debt to a friend that he wished to repay. He travelled across Europe to find his old friend diseased and near death. Roderigo explained what he had become, and offered to embrace his friend. His friend accepted, and was grateful to be a vampire.
Once his freind had learned a bit about his powers and the kindred, they decided that a few of their old friends would be worthy immortal companions, and set off across Europe to find and offer the embrace to a few old friends.
Then rumors of a new land across the ocean came up. Roderigo and his brood embraked for the new lands of America, where Roderigo established himself as a Prince.


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