Snelly, Clan Lasombra

Snelly was a French Nobleman. As the second son, he did not have much hope of inheriting the estate or title from his family. On his parent's death, it would all go to his elder brother. But insted of being bitter, Snelly made the best of things. Snelly spent most of his time running his family's merchant interests, and found he excelled at trading and bartering. He found that making money came naturally to him. This in itself was a great comfort, for he knew that while his brother may have the inheritance, he would be able to live well no matter what.

At first Snelly saw his embrace as inconvienient, but then he soon came to see the many benifits and possabilities in being an immortal. He is currently planning on building a merchant company, one he hopes will be his stepping stone to greater things.

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Lord Leopold Valdemar (deceased)

Lord Leopold Valdemar, Clan Lasombra


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