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1444: How It Started ...

Our group was going to be playing the "Giovanni Chronicles 1: The Last Supper" adventure.
Before we started, our ST talked to us about what he had read through. The adventure straight out of the book has the player characters along as witnesses to the events, and not participants. Your character can do anything they want to, but any action that would change White Wolf's set-in-stone plotline automatically fails.

One of the main reasons for role playing is to have control of a character, and know that your actions can and do have very real effects on the world around you. Our groups reactions to having their characters dragged along as witnesses is best summed up as: "If my character's actions can't affect or change the events in the adventure, I'd rather watch a movie."
We agreed on what would be fun for all of us. Our ST said that he would let our PC's change the events *if* we could. ST also played the NPC characters right out of the book, stats as is, and rolled out things in front of us.
When you give players free will and the ability to use their creativity, amazing things happen. Our characters changed the future of the World of Darkness.

For all the details on how our characters met, got embraced, and made it through the adventure; see our Giovanni Chronicles: The Last Supper chronicle story.




Our Continuing Adventures

After GC1, our ST was having some problems trying to come up with how to get us on to GC2, seeing as many of the continuing plot hooks (ie: the Founders) had met final death. In the end, we just decided to keep on going with our PC's unlives and adventures. It's worked out very well so far, as we have no end of ideas for things our characters want to do.

Major Notes

Constanta, Romania a bit about the location and history of the town we have chosen to call home.

Characters in Constanta - The PCs, NPC's and places that make up our hometown.
Characters Elsewhere - friends and enemies we've made outisde our town

Constanta's Kindred Court - The Kindred of Constanta's ruling court

Constanta's Kindred Laws - Rules for kindred residents and visitors


Daniella's Diary of Our Adventures : 1444, 1445, 1446

Merry Christmas! : 1444, 1445, 1446,

Minor Notes

Our Stuff: a list of our stuff we've collected through the years ...
Daniella's Room, Jewelia's Room, Group Treasury

Daniella wrote our Request for an Audiance with our Tzimisce Neighbor, Lord Edgralana.


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