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I'm sorry, but due to the huge amount of bandwidth the font downloads were taking up, I had to move them off this site. You can now get the zip-files with ALL the fonts listed here, in either MAC or PC format, in the "files" section of my Yahoo Group: WorldofDarknessList. The download is free.
Now for some bad news ... Yahoo no longer allow 'files' to be viewed by non-members. Due to a recent (08/03) rules change at Yahoo, you have to join the group to access the 'files' section. To join the group, you have to have a Yahoo ID. You can join the group, d/l the fonts, then quit. 'Course, I hope you'll stay and chat with us, but no hard feelings if you don't.

Format: In the first column you can see the book the font is used for. The middle column gives you the "official" name of the font, which is also the font name if you have a Mac computer. The last column gives you the truncated PC filename for the font.

As you can see in the table, I don't have all fonts. Some are commercial fonts that you can't redistribute, and some I have just plain been unable to find yet.
MISSING are: Herculanum, Runchuu, Skald, KendolTC, & Langur.
Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any fonts that I don't. (my e-mail link is on the main page, bottom)

Vampire: The Masquerade

Font Used for: Mac Font Name PC Font Name
Vampire 2nd Lenarin lenarin.TTF
Vampire 2nd Delavan delavan_.TTF
Vampire Revised Percolator Expert Percexp.ttf
Vampire Revised Percolator Text Perctext.ttf
Vampire Revised Percolator Bold Percbold.ttf
Vampire Revised Percolator Regular Percreg.ttf
Vampire: The Dark Ages DeRoos deroos__.TTF
Vampire: The Dark Ages Ermine ermine.ttf
Vampire Weaknesses Mistral Mistral.ttf
Sabbat 2nd Edition Wilhelm Klingspor Wilkli.TTF
Assamite Arabian-Normal Arabian2.ttf
Assamite Alladin Alladin.ttf
Baali Bergell BERGELL.TTF
Brujah Stucco 555 Stucco.ttf
Brujah Langur  
Brujah, True Castellar Castelar.ttf
Daughters Of Cacophanoy Vivienne ViviDoC.TTF
Followers Of Set Cuneiform Cuneifor.TTF
Followers Of Set Lazar lazar.TTF
Gangrel Balthazar Balth___.ttf
Gangrel Werewolf Regular Werewolf.ttf
Gargoyle Caslon Antique cas_antn.ttf
Giovanni Wilhelm Klingspor Wilkli.TTF
Lasombra DeRoos Caps deroos__.TTF
Lasombra Ermine ermine.ttf
Malkavian Ad Lib BT Adlibn.ttf
Malkavian Malkavian Font Malki.ttf
Nagaraja Modified Viata Script SSi Viata.ttf
Nagaraja Revised Sand sand.ttf
Nosferatu Unicorn Regular Unicorn.ttf
Ravnos DeccaDisplaySSK Regular Deccd___.ttf
Ravnos Splash Regular splash__.ttf
Salubri Lithograph Lithogrn.ttf
Samedi DeRoos Caps deroos__.TTF
Samedi Ermine ermine.ttf
Toreador Abbess Regular Abbess__.ttf
Tremere Dolphian Dolphian.ttf
Tzimisce 1st Edition Lombardic Lombardc.ttf
Tzimisce Revised Wilhelm Klingspor Wilkli.TTF
Tzimisce, Old Clan Lombardic Lombardc.ttf
Ventrue Wilhelm Klingspor Wilkli.TTF

Kindred Of The East

Kindred Of The East Akira AKIRA___.ttf
Introduction Runchuu  
Devil Tiger Treefrog treefrog.ttf

World Of Darkness

World Of Darkness 1st Edition Merlin Merlinn.ttf
World Of Darkness 2nd Edition Verve Verve_.ttf
Gypsies Viata Script SSi Viata.ttf

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Balthazar Balth___.ttf
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf Regular Werewolf.ttf
Werewolf: The Wild West Stagecoach Regular stagecoach.ttf
Hengeyokai Treefrog Treefrog.ttf
Kitsune KendolTC  

Mage: The Ascension

Mage: The Ascension Abbess Abbess__.ttf
Mage: The Sorcerers's Crusade Clairvaux Clairvaux.ttf
Celestial Chorus Mordred Mordred.ttf
Cult Of Ecstasy Ambrosia Ambrosia.ttf
Dreamspeakers Herculanum  
Euthanatos Castellar Castelar.ttf
Order Of Hermes "Order of" = Kosher Normal, "Hermes" = Enochian Regular Koshn___.ttf, ENOCHIAN.TTF
Virtual Adepts Arial Arial.ttf

Wraith: The Oblivion

Wraith: The Oblivion Matrix Tall Mat_____.ttf
Wraith: The Great War Frankenstein frnkstnn.ttf

Changeling: The Dreaming

Changeling: The Dreaming UmberSSK Umberssk.TTF
Changeling: The Dreaming BoydUncial Boyduncial.TTF
Changeling: The Dreaming Meath Meathff.ttf
Changeling Headers Caslon Antique cas_antn.ttf
Boggan Rabbit Regular Rae_____.ttf
Eshu Merlin Merlinn.ttf
Nocker Nocker Cranky Nockc___.ttf
Redcap Bloody Bloody.ttf
Satyr Satyr Passionate Satyp___.ttf
Sidhe Sidhe Noble Sidhn__.ttf
Sidhe Scythe scythe.ttf
Sidhe Skald  
Sluagh Sluagh Spooky Sluac___.ttf
Troll Troll Oathbound Trolo___.ttf

Hunter: The Reckoning

Hunter: The Reckoning Crack House crackhouse.ttf
Hunter Dead History Bold Dead History Bold.ttf
Hunter Headers Dead History Roman Dead History.ttf

Gratefully compiled from:
WoD Fonts who I got the basic table layout from
Glasswalker's World of Resources a mostly empty site except for a few vampire fonts
De Vita In Excessum: Whispers from the World of Darkness
FTP Fonts (link doesn't always load?)


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