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General WOD Sites

White Wolf Game Studios the company that started it all.
Capt'n Quaalude with WoD Spirituality, WoD Time Line, and an Adventure Generator for Storytellers!
Annael's Lived In Bottle general WoD pages
B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness Web Page great info and links, despite lack of updates.
Dark Ages great site for all things Dark Ages
JackSprat's WoD Mu* List WoD mu*'s rated
SamChupp.com homepage of one of WW's former writers
Web of Darkness various outdated and dead links, last updated Oct 2000 (missing 10/03?)

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Vampire: the Masquerade

Vampire Resources lots of info on the Sabbat, "Montreal by Night" city, Kiasyd, Clans & Bloodlines, Paths and Roads, Disciplines, Alternate rules, & more.
AlexLasombra's Vampire Pages Char creation and lots of alt rules from the books
Blood Shadows a Denver, Colorado LARP
Clan Novels why waste time reading them when you can just skim the summary? ;)
Gargoyle: The Guarding - Disney's Gargoyles in the World of Darkness
Sabbat Games by Kevin Murphy
Spaghetti Camarilla very funny vampire humor
Toland's Vampire Pages my friend's page for his DA Toreador character, and also a lot of general Vampire info
Toronto By Night LARP well done LARP pages
Vampire Files great french archive.
Vampire TimeLine no book references for events, but a pretty complete list.

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Vampire Clan Pages

Otter's Assamite
Baali by Andy Cram
Daughters of Cacophony
Fallen Angels by Andy Cram
Gangrel's Elysium
Gangrel: Whispers in the Night
Lhiannan clanbook
Malkavian: Voice of Madness nice layout, lots of info
Nosferatu Net
Toreador le Salon de la Rose
Tremere Virtual Chantry nicely done
Guide to Tremere RolePlaying
Tzimisce.net nicely done pages

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Werewolf: the Apocolypse

Brevard Beastiary LARP includes LARP rules for Bastet and other two skins.
Red Talons Tribe Page by CrookPaw.
Star Gazers Tribe Page.
Werewolf: Getting a (homid) Life
Lilith Eyes~of~Gold's Bastet pages, qualomi info and a bastet dictionary
SIMO: Dolphin Two Skins

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Mage: the Ascension

Ander's Mage Page probably the most complete collection of work on Mage.
Online Rote Database is searchable for specific rotes or rotes by sphere level

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Wraith: the Oblivion

Wraith Project keeping a great line alive despite WW's short-sightedness

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Changeling: The Dreaming

Introduction to Changeling
Barony of Shiniing Waters: Kith
Selkie Sound more written as a collection of the Celtic Legands of Selkies, some great info for changeling can be found here too.

WOD Fanfiction

When Darkness Falls beautiful layout, great stories
Vampire Fiction & Poetry
Ventrue.com has a small fiction section

WOD Graphics

White Wolf's WoD Graphics mostly logos
Castle Cairn Archive of many of LadyMox's Vampire graphics
PoisonGrin's WoD Graphics
Various backgrounds, mostly mage


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